Weddings can be overwhelming. And while marriage is about two people, unlike its social sense, it can totally make us feel things even if it doesn’t directly involve us. Which is probably why even the idea of a celebration sounds overwhelming. And a woman’s tweet about her sister’s last night before the wedding sums up the feeling.

Source: IMDb

@AmranIshal, a Twitter user, shared about the time when her sister was about to get married and it was their last night together. She added that she was doing her own thing, and her sister was asked to sleep early. And as she went into the kitchen, later at night, to get something to eat, she found her sister there as well.

Referring to this as their ‘last adventure together’ she mentioned that they hugged and cried, just thinking about it. She pointed out that she misses her, and while it has been a year, it still feels somewhat weird. Siblings are partners in crime, without having to say it. In fact, they usually know what we’re feeling, so there’s hardly ever any need to say things out loud.

@AmranIshal also added that she used to leave the house only after her sister’s approval on her outfits. And when she ordered something to it, it was almost a ritual to check with her as well. And well, this does feel relatable, even to people on Twitter.

The relationship between siblings can be underrated at times, but maybe that’s the beauty of it.