The society we live in has always been biased towards women. It’s sad that sometimes they even have the power to make us feel uncomfortable & unsafe. 

And this thread on how old they were “when men started making them feel uncomfortable or unsafe in their own body” is just a reminder to speak up, fight, and not let any men or anyone make you feel unsafe. 

1. It’s time parents stop supporting such comments and speak up for their children. 

2. Parents need to stop ignoring such things. It’s not funny. It’s traumatising. 

3. What the hell is wrong with this parent?

4.  You go girl! That’s the courage we all need. 

5. We need more parents like this. We need parents who acknowledge what’s wrong. 

6. You see why school plays an important role? We as kids spend a lot of time there. It has to be a safe space. 

7. Bravo! You see, we need to act instantly, so we don’t regret it later.  

8. That’s an example of how we need a strong system.

9. I am sorry, the way that asshole made you feel. 

10. Call out such people. 

11. This makes me sick, but we need to start having conversations with our kids, prepare them. So they can act at the right time. 

12. Please don’t think twice about calling out such people. 

13. Crap like “boys will boys” needs to end here, right now. 

14. Prove that talking about such instincts can help.

15. I am literally lacking for words now. 

16. Here’s the reason why we need to start teaching things to boys and not girls. 

17. You don’t need to hide anything. Embrace your body and shut those people up immediately. 

18. Obviously, the dog understood more, and no, this was not a cute story. 

19. I am sorry for all the pain you had to go through. I hope that teacher rots in hell. 

20. What’s wrong with such parents? 

21. Hey, you have all the power to punish him. I hope you do something about it. 

22. We need better schools, better education, better guidance, and a safe place for everyone.

23. Kids are often victims of such horrible incidents. We need to teach them more.  

24. Following is creepy and wrong at any cost. 

25. This is disturbing. I hope you heal from it.

26. Every ‘body’ is normal. It’s a horrible thing to fat shame someone. 

27. That teacher should not be a teacher. 

This is heart-wrenching. We don’t need any more victims like this. We need to start having more discussions about it. 

All images are from Bored Panda.