There are two people in this world who think I'm really beautiful. Me and James Blunt. And it's all that really matters to me.

Loving ourselves is perhaps the biggest revolution. And it has always been. Especially, when we're constantly fighting the temptation to let our minds bully our bodies into achieving unreal beauty goals. We're all guilty of trying to mould ourselves so we could conform to impractical and stereotypical notions of what is beautiful. But is it really worth having low body confidence and anxiety over it? ABSOLUTELY NOT. 

This is the key message of #MyBodyMyCare, the new campaign from Bodycare Creations in association with Delhi Capitals. The brand is encouraging women to nominate each other to share inspirational stories of their journey to becoming body positive. Through these stories let us all defy conventional beauty ideals and define our own kind of beautiful.

In a world full of complexities, the last thing we want is to be unkind to ourselves. And we can begin this by appreciating the fact that we're unique in our own special way. Through #MyBodyMyCare from Bodycare Creations, we can take this feeling a notch higher and inspire other women around us to be comfortable in their own skin too. After all, there's no weight limit on beauty!

By getting women to share real-life stories of how they embraced their bodies for the way it is, Bodycare Creations is also promoting an amicable society for our mental health. Because let's not forget, that happy girls are the prettiest. In fact, Bodycare Creations also has some exciting prizes up its sleeve, so that we keep smiling from ear to ear. So hurry up and send in your entries. 

You can either nominate other women to share their body positivity stories, or share your own story on Instagram or Facebook, and you can win amazing gift hampers from Bodycare Creations and Delhi Capitals. If you're lucky enough (hold your breath!), you might also stand a chance at a virtual meet and greet with the Delhi Capitals players! Click here or check out their Facebook page for all the deets. You can participate in the contest by following these simple steps:

1. Upload your body positive story along with your Image/video on your Instagram/Facebook page using hashtags #MyBodyMyCare and #YehHaiNayiDilli 

2. Tag a friend to participate in the campaign. 

3. Tag the Bodycare Creations and Delhi Capitals account on the respective social media platform.

So, if you happen to know anyone, or have an inspiring story of your journey to body positivity, then share it with the world. Because we all could do with a bit of motivation here.