Ageing is as much a part of all our lives, as any other natural process. But, we’re exposed to certain beauty standards that treat the idea of growing old as something negative, when in fact it’s actually liberating. Of course, women have to deal with greater pressure, specifically when they’re actresses and celebrities, and hence a lot of them choose to opt methods for ‘anti-ageing’.

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While, any cosmetic procedure is a choice, but when it’s done under the societal pressure of looking a certain way, it turns toxic. And these female celebrities have openly talked about it:

1. Tabu

In an interview with Film Companion, when Tabu was asked about her tricks for reverse-ageing, the actress bashed the conventical idea of constantly using products or methods to achieve anti-ageing. She added that she likes to look a certain way but wouldn’t do something consciously to her face.

“Mithali, my makeup artist, was telling me, ‘Ma’am, skin is looking good, some home nuska you are doing or what?’ Some days, I’ll tell her that I put coffee here, and some plant there, and she’ll say, ‘You can’t do that, you have to use this cream’, and she’ll suggest some ₹50,000 cream. Ek baar khareed liya, bas. Aage nahi khareedungi.

Source: Hindustan Times

2. Courteney Cox

The actress who played Monica on F.R.I.E.N.D.S, had talked about ‘chasing youthfulness’. She also added that she got a lot of work done on her face, but the results didn’t make her happy. Cox shared in an interview that she later got her fillers dissolved to learn to be more comfortable with herself.

“I didn’t realize that, oh shit, I’m actually looking really strange with injections and doing stuff to my face that I would never do now.”

Courteney Cox
Source: Hola

3. Sameera Reddy

Sameera Reddy is known for her honest yet interesting content on social media, where she usually bashes stereotypes associated with beauty standards. She had also shared a reel on her 43rd birthday, mentioning that she constantly tried hiding her age and increasing her ‘shelf-life’, but finally feels liberated now that she’s accepted ageing, instead of fearing it.

4. Nicole Kidman

The actress had talked about using botox to battle signs of ageing. While she didn’t undergo surgery, the cosmetic injections are something that she regretted using, specifically as a part of her ‘beauty regime’ to hide her age.

“No surgery for me; I did try Botox, unfortunately, but I got out of it and now I can finally move my face again.”

Nicole Kidman
Source: Variety

5. Sushmita Sen

In an interview with Twinkle Khanna, for Tweak, Sushmita Sen talked about things that she did and accepts as mistakes – including some relationships and getting plastic surgery.

“If you lose yourself you are nothing that’s been my standard belief in life. Be it plastic surgery, men in my life, relationships, married men–whatever you think is a bad thing, it exists.”

6. Christie Brinkley

The model had talked about her procedures and methods to look young and defy signs of ageing, adding that it’s better to accept it than lie. She also talked about getting Botox once, which ended up as a bad experience for her.

“I don’t Botox. I like the movement. I like to be able to have expression and move my face. I only did Botox once and had a bad experience with it and I never did it again.”

Christie Brinkley
Source: Women’s Health

7. Jamie Lee Curtis

The actress had talked about incidents of being shamed for her appearance while filming, as a result of which she decided to undergo procedures. And unfortunately, none of them worked as she expected them to, which was a mortifying experience for her.

“I’ve had a little lipo (suction), I’ve had a little Botox, and you know what? None of it works. And there is this illusion that once you do it then you’ll be fine. I looked worse. Worse.”

Jamie Lee Curtis
Source: The Guardian

8. Brooke Shields

After the actress had tried Botox, she mentioned that she was scared to undergo any surgery to ‘anti-age’. Brooke Shields had also talked about being afraid of Botox, but also how she wanted to opt less intense procedure to look her best.

“I think you have to embrace it [ageing], but at the same time, be willing to do what you feel comfortable with”

Brooke Shields on Ageing
Source: People

As women, we have to deal with a lot of stereotypes and beauty standards already. So, it’s time that we try and let go of the pressure of staying ‘forever young’.