Men telling/advising/counselling women on what we should wear, seriously STFU. Who are you, really? How do you think your pea-sized brain is so entitled to tell us what we should wear for our own safety when it’s basically you guys we need protection from? Get one thing straight: it’s not us; it’s YOU.

Women are not the problem. YOU ARE.

You are the problem if you believe you have some divine right to dictate how we should be. And if some of you become complete jerks, then again, it’s on you guys. We didn’t ask you to become one. Whatever we wear, wherever we go, our decisions and choices have literally nothing to do with you. Our lives don’t revolve around jerks on the road when there are enough sexist pricks in our life already. So stop passing random comments like that our clothing is a problem, that we’re distracting youth, and that we’re not following our culture and traditions. We don’t exist to uplift your problematic morality, you hypocrites!

entitled men telling women what they should wear
A Striving Parent

Just a few days ago, I wrote an article on an Ayurveda Doctor who had a ‘profound’ curiosity about the length of skirts of school-going girls. He had such personal problems with it that he actually went on the web and found a picture only to make a redundant point.

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Since then, pissed, and rightly so, women have been calling out his problematic commentary on women’s clothing when it’s men who actually need some moral correction. They have also been sharing their gruesome encounters with perverted a-holes, proving it’s not women who need to be questioned.

TW: The experiences shared below may be triggering for some people. Reader discretion is advised.

Do you effing see it? This is how it is in our world AND YET WE’RE THE PROBLEM?

So apparently, reaching home safely is a ‘privilege.’ WOW.


Before you think women and their clothing is the reason for what happens to them, come back to this piece. Read it. Again. And Again.