While getting married at your own pace after reaching your desired goals and ambitions is awesome, there are women who like the idea of settling down early in life and that’s pretty cool too. So, here are some women who got married at an early age and are sharing their experiences:       

1. I’ve never lived alone. There have only been three years of my life I’ve had my own bedroom.
 However, everything we have we built together. There’s no his and hers, it’s all (good and bad) ours. We are a team! We’ve been together more than half our lives (which I suppose could go in cons too).
– queenoreo

2. You get divorced early whilst you are still young and you can then tell people I got “married young” when they ask you why it didn’t work out.
– KlutzyDouble5455 


3. Getting to live with and be married to my best friend earlier in life. But as you grow older you really can change drastically and sometimes that you may not be as compatible anymore. I am a totally different person now and I have a completely different outlook on life, but thankfully it causes no issues between me and my husband. We grew together I think, but that’s not always the case with young couples.

4. In addition to what others have said, I’m proud of how long we’ve been together. I like telling people we’ve been together 20 years, married 15 years and I’m only 37. I feel that unwary, full-hearted teenage butterflies-and-puppy-love for him. Many of his male friends have told him they would have traded the dating scene in their 20s for young love and marriage.
– rf-elaine


5. Married my high school sweetheart at 23. I personally can’t name a con. I love my husband, I love the life we have built from the ground up, together. I love how well we know each other, because we literally grew up side by side. Young adulthood can be really difficult, and I feel so blessed that I didn’t have to face it alone.
– why_sug

6. Married at 19, pros? After all the cheating, it changed me into someone I like better. Cons? After all the cheating, it left behind a mental illness. We’re divorced. 
– FreshLlamaz


7. I’ve never lived alone, didn’t get to date much, and for me personally, there was a lot of growth and we grew into different people. But it’s easier to build a nice life when you have a partner. We had two houses before we were 30. We had a lot of personal growth.
– TakethThyKnee

8. For me it was less about my age but more about how secure I felt in the relationship. I just happened to be 25, but we had been together 5 years already. It’s corny but I do believe that ‘when you know, you know’, and there’s no sense in waiting if you’re able to afford the wedding you want and if you’re both emotionally ready. I will say, I love the idea of being able to celebrate so many anniversaries before we grow old together.
– Whysorandy


9. I went straight from my parents’ home to our home. Which was a huge emotional shift. I also had to go from having anything I want, reasonably. To having the bare necessities. From being single and free to obligated and married. Is being married nice? Yes Was it worth it? Yes But I wish I got to be single outside my parents’ house.
– TracyECEC

10. Married at 18 we have been married 28 years this year. Pro spending your life with someone you love. Building our life together. Young enough not to bring too much baggage into the relationship. Growing together and becoming better people with the help from my partner. Con. People judge you and don’t take your relationship seriously. 
– seaweed0527


Not so bad after all.