The world in general is a creepy place for women. It gets worse on the internet since trolls have the luxury of being nameless and faceless. But every now and then, women lose their shit and hulk out, leading to some serious burns. Some of those casualties have been reported here. 


1. You probably shouldn’t mess with the woman who writes Punisher comics for a living. 


2. I can’t believe she made him do that! Absolute legend!

3. How have we men managed to propagate the myth of being smarter than women, I’ll never know. 


4. Why do men even think lesbians need them? Nature gave them a way out. Why would they change anything about it?


5. I mean, ducks are cute. 


6. We simply need more women in media so we don’t have to come across such dumbass articles.

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7. Attacking women for having sex is one of the very few things that can unite Indian and Pakistani men. 

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Look at us go ladies

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8. This ain’t even a dunk, man. This dude’s just dumb. 


9. Again. This is basic high school, man. Somehow this has United States written all over it. 

10. Monica Gellar, is that you?

11. Yeah, you’re not ‘helping’ your partner cook either. As a energy consuming homosapien who can no longer hunt or gather, it is your also your bloody job to cook. 


12. Well, well, well. How the tables have turned?

13. When you are talking about the best comebacks by women on the internet, you can never scroll past this legend, Dr Katie Mack!

14. Whoever said dick jokes weren’t funny needs to talk to more women. 


15. God damn stupid teenagers!


If you have any more of these that you think should be on the list, let us know!