This is the story of Bekah King, Abi Roberts and Morgan Tabor, three women from the United States who embarked on a vacation to explore the western side of the country after finding out that they had something unfathomable in common – a man who dated all three of them at the same time. 

As per the report, the scenario seems too filmy as it started as soon as Roberts got a text from one of the girls asking if she was dating a certain person.

They found the man was dating at least six women at the same time after that. The three of them decided to break up with the man and became close friends, as a result. Their love for travel was another thing they shared in common.

“I think sometimes, at face value, a lot of people think we’re just doing this out of spite [to our ex], but no,” Roberts told Salt Lake Tribune. “This is very authentically us following our dreams and taking opportunities and we’re excited about it,” she added.

They also created an Instagram page called @the.bam.bus to record the many highlights of their trip.

They’re now sharing their experience in the hopes of helping others who are in similar situations.

“Something we love to share with everyone, and especially girls who are maybe in a similar situation or going through something, is just to keep your head up. Keep going, you got this!” said Tabor.

Instead of competing with each other, the women ditched the guy and banded together, much like Cameron Diaz, Leslie Mann, and Kate Upton in the film ‘The Other Woman.’


Instead of taking the man down, they chose to join together and travel across the country, which they are doing in a 30-year-old school bus that they have refurbished.

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Indeed, when life gives you lemons, make lemonade.