Insecurities are a part of life, but in an effort to offset some of the damage they can do, one person posed a question to the women of Reddit. Redditor GorillaSoup asked what common insecurities men have about their bodies that women don’t actually care about. These were the answers.

1. “No one wants to fuck for 8 hours. It’s fine.”


2. “Please stop worrying about your dick or you hair or your weight or your muscle definition or your whatever else and know that for most people, we’re just happy to be there.”


3. “It’s better to be individual with your niche interests, looks, sense of humour rather than try to be the brightest.”

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4. “Men always apologize if they cum early on while having sex, but it’s really not a problem so long as they bring the woman to completion in some way afterwards.”

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5. “Graying hair. My 32 year old husband is currently freaking out because he has “so many” (it’s not that many), gray hairs. I couldn’t give two shits lol.”

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6. “Dont worry about coming off as nerdy or brainy.”


7. “Being awkward sometimes or doing something embarrassing. I somehow find this more appealing than guys who never seem embarrassed.”
– Zekumi

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8. “I adore my husband’s crooked teeth. I find them charming.”
– Fncfq


9. “Baldness. There are plenty of hot men that are bald.”


10. “I know it’s been said repeatedly already: but penis size.” 


11. “Stretch marks and scars. I couldn’t care less. I have ’em also.”


12. “Hair on their chest or arms. Its there yeah and no one cares.”

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So fret not!