As a dude, when you have got a date over to your home, it is very important that you let the house make a good impression for you. A bad house can be a big turn off for people. And I don’t just mean sexually. I mean, nobody likes to walk into a house and find a pile of unwashed dishes sitting in the sink, devoted to the process of Darwinism. 


So when women were asked what about their date’s house makes them think less of them, the answers just kept on coming.

Right? Went on a first date with a professional man in his 30s. He wanted to pick up a jacket after dinner so we could take a walk. He lived in an upscale apartment. We get inside the door and he literally began kicking a path to get his jacket. On the kitchen floor was a very full litter box. I’m allergic to cats and he had said he didn’t have any pets. Turns out he had given the cat away SIX MONTHS previously. I got out of there fast.


Came here for this! I hate dirty sinks and toilets especially, I know this is nitpicky but the spot at the back of a toilet seat that gets especially dusty and messy and then at the base of it are my two most noticed areas. I 100% judge people based on dirty bathrooms. Also clothes on the floor.


So, dirty bathrooms are a big NO, lads. I mean, come on, nobody should have to tell you this. 

Wait, don’t go anywhere. There’s a laundry list of things to be discussed here. 

Dirty dishes in places other than the kitchen. A bed without sheets on it💀  


No trash can in the bathroom. 


If they have zero fresh produce in their fridge.  


Using empty liquor bottles as “decor” or a collection of wine corks or bottle caps prominently displayed. Congratulations on your probable drinking problem.  


This one guy I went on a date with, we went back to his place and I made the mistake of using his bathroom… there was what I’m pretty sure was pubic hair all over the sink, the whole room reeked like pee, the grime and pee and shit on the toilet was vomit-inducing and he had fucking steroids and needles on the shelf behind the toilet. I came out of the bathroom said “anyways I work early” and speed-walked out of his place to my car. 


Hidden pictures of wife and kids after telling me your single.  


Bad books/movies/albums on display. I will 100% judge a date based on this. Dirty bathrooms are off-putting, too, but 80% of single men have gross bathrooms. I just don’t get it.


Not owning a plunger. Had been dating a guy and came to his house a couple times and stayed the night. There were some days where he’d leave me there to go to work and I’d watch his dog and everything. Needed a plunger one day and there was literally not one in the two bathrooms in his house. I’m sorry but what human does not own a plunger.  


So, it’s mostly Bathroom stuff guys. Just clean it, man. It’s not that difficult. And shave in places where you can get rid of the hair. That should be disgusting to you as well, FFS.