There is a huge stigma regarding divorce, in our country. There are many reservations around it. We know that there is a bias against divorced women, in our society. But what do women think about marrying divorced men?

Well, we’ve found a few women’s opinions on whether they’d marry a divorced man in an arranged marriage setting. 


So, let’s take a look. Shall we? Read on: 

1.”If he’s fun, open minded, cute, financially stable, enthusiastic about having a new partner, has resolved previous relationship issues or is on the path of it, why not then. I feel divorces are fairly common now sadly, but it only means that their previous relationship did not work for valid reasons, I don’t think it says a lot about a person unless of course it was an abusive marriage.”

– greenmarigold

2. “Depends on why they got divorced. You don’t want to end up with an abuser like Amber or a cheater like Fisher. Do you?”

– Kawaii-forever

3. “If a person is open minded, doesn’t have any past relationship baggage then I don’t see a reason not to marry him. Relationships do fail at times, due to numerous reasons, there could even be compatibility issues. And I don’t feel this should be a parameter to judge anyone.”

– codestory1

4. “No. Only because I have to make an extra effort to find out the reason behind the divorce. If I have the option of marrying a never-before-married man, I’ll always go for that. It’s also not fair for divorced women. If never-before-married women keep marrying divorced men, what about divorced women? Statistically, there are more divorced women than divorced men who end up never marrying again.”

– No_Statistician4756

5. “I used to be hell-bent against it, but after entering the AM process and meeting so many parents and prospects, I can totally see why someone would end up divorced through this whole thing. So, I could be open to it but they better be 100% honest about why the divorce happened. And there are unfortunately far too many people in AM, divorced or not, that are liars.”

– datsnunofurbidness

6. “No stigma attached to a divorcee whatsoever. Only, need to be sure why the divorce happened.”

– niki_swango

7. “It would be difficult because the society keeps asking you questions… I feel that I would be willing to marry a divorced person given that I don’t have to later keep talking about my decision with friends and family. That keeps me away from making such a decision. Divorce maybe a red flag. Generally men who are divorced are found to be abusive. Hence, tread carefully… But for women, it could swing both ways… it’s not always a red flag if a woman is divorced, in India…”

– CryptographerFinal56

8. “A lot of judgment towards divorcees. I do not see why divorce is such a bad thing. Sure, it is a sad thing to separate from a loved one but if that person is controlling and abusive then divorce should be taken into consideration. I don’t care about whether you are a divorcee or not. I care about your character, how you treat others, your temperament, judgement and how you carry yourself.”

– bellakiddob

9. “It makes no sense to marry a divorcee if I can get an unmarried guy, especially since this is AM.”

– mullapoogurl

10. “No. Marriage requires approval of parents and no parents would want their daughter to marry a divorcee.”

– Komal Talreja

It seems to me that more unmarried women are willing to marry a divorced man than there are unmarried men willing to marry divorced women. Which is a little sad, TBH.