Was it planned? But you already have two children? You couldn’t possibly get any bigger.

Giving birth to a new life is nature’s biggest magic on earth, and it’s definitely never been easy for women. Having said that, you cannot ignore the discomfort and the changes it brings to a woman’s body. And the least we could do is comfort them and keep our unsolicited comments to ourselves, right? biggest

But, hey, some people just can’t do that! Pregnant women on Reddit are sharing the most inappropriate things people have said to them, and some comments are pretty annoying.

1. “I had difficulty gaining weight when I was pregnant due to severe morning sickness. I had an acquaintance tell me that my baby was going to be malnourished and sickly since I didn’t gain enough weight. That really upset me since I was already worried about that possibility. The baby ended up being average weight and healthy.”


2. “I’m not a pregnant woman, but my mom told me that after she had me, she had people telling her that she “took the easy way” out by having a c-section, despite the fact that my heart rate was going down and I would’ve died if she had given birth to me the natural way.”


3. “One that sticks out was my boss blurting out “was it planned?” when I told him. Yeah, that seems to be a common one. Then there was this coworker who took one glance at me and told me “you couldn’t possibly get any bigger!” When I was only 6 months along and carried pretty small.”


4. “I’ll always remember when my SIL brought her new baby to a family gathering. My uncle, who didn’t even know her, asked her a bunch of questions about the birth like “did you give birth vaginally? Did you have an episiotomy? Did it hurt? Awkward.”


5. “At 7 months pregnant, my wife was in a grocery store, when a woman we do not know walked up, placed her hand on my wife’s baby bump, and said, “How precious, you feel like about 7 months pregnant.” My wife cannot stand being touched, unbidden, by strangers. So she smiled, grabbed the woman’s boob, and replied, “You feel like about a B cup.”


6. “Holy shit where do I start. I’ve been asked if my vagina was shaved, like, at the moment of me talking to that person, and if my boyfriend shaves it for me. I’ve been asked how we have sex. I’ve had men ask my boyfriend in front of me if my vagina feels different now when we have sex.”


7. “Not pregnant but working for an OBGYN. My patient told me an older woman said, “you must be having a girl because you are HIDEOUS!” Apparently, it’s an old wives tale that boys make you glow and girls suck the life out of you. She was having her third boy after expensive IVF treatments to have a girl.”


8. “During my pregnancy, I was asked all kinds of things about breastfeeding, how I wanted to deliver, and even whether my husband and I could still have sex. The rudest question was asked by a coworker after I got back from maternity leave: “so is everything still okay down there or did you need a lot of stitches?”. This was asked during lunch, in front of 10 other colleagues. I was so horrified, I don’t think I even formed a coherent answer.”


9. “This lady I worked with figured out when I conceived from my expected due date. It was within a week of my birthday. She then told everyone in our office that I got pregnant for my birthday. It was super awkward. I was also asked repeatedly if we were going to circumcise our son. Like why are you fucking asking me about our son’s genitals? Why is that anyone’s business?”


10. “A friend was asked what position she and her husband were having sex in when the kid was conceived.”


11. “It wasn’t usually the questions. Those were usually the same (when are you due? Boy or girl?) It was the comments. ‘Wow! You are as big as a boat!’ ‘You’ll never make it to your due date, as big as you are’ ‘If I didn’t know you were pregnant, I would think you were just fat’.”


12. “I have some disabilities (I can’t walk without a stick or crutch), but lead as normal a life as possible. I’m currently 36 weeks pregnant, so it’s pretty obvious, but as soon as I started to show I have been asked more than once whether someone ‘like me’ should be having a baby (None of my issues are hereditary, we made sure of that before conceiving). I’ve been questioned about if I’m taking any medication, then told I’m going to give birth to a crippled/deformed monster as I’m still on some (as soon as I conceived I saw my doctor and stopped any meds that would cause issues). I’ve also had people express surprise that I’m capable of sex, or that my husband wanted it with me.”


13. “I was pregnant as a teen, so I guess people thought basic rules of etiquette don’t matter with “the youngins” and I got a lot of really over the line comments, including two separate people who questioned me about my condom usage during my previous “encounters” that led to the pregnancy and what my birth control usage would be in the future to avoid further irresponsible accidents.”


14. “Just remembered one from a customer. He said, “I wouldn’t want my daughters working here considering you have to work and walk around pregnant.” Was I supposed to just sit at home and twiddle my thumbs for 40 weeks? I don’t know why he felt the need to shame me for working while pregnant like babies don’t cost money.”


15. “When I found out I was having a boy I was asked several times what position I conceived in. Once in front of my mother. Obviously, everyone knows how babies are made, but my mom and I try not to discuss how mine got there in too much detail.”


16. “This gross fucking dude at my job told me to “make sure I get my pussy stitched up nice and tight”. Completely out of the blue. I was working on something and he came up behind me and dropped that nugget.”


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