The connections we have with other people are important, yes. But sometimes I think a lot of us forget that relationships are a part of life, not sole purposes of life. 

Which is why this Reddit thread of women sharing what they’d prioritize over a partner seems so, so great. It really puts things into perspective and gives us a broader viewpoint on how to approach life and relationships. 

Most women have said simple things like sleep, health and peace and TBH, it makes sense! So, read on to know more. 

1. “My mental health.”

– dddoubledayyy

2. “My independence and identity outside of the relationship.”

– Oooeeeks

3. “My child.”

– Majestic_AF_bitch

4. “Myself. If I don’t put myself first and and respect my own boundaries and standards then no one else will; its still a work in progress though.”

– VenomsBabygirl

5. “My pets.”

– Signal_Vehicle5643

6. “Myself. If I lose myself trying to keep someone else happy, I’ve already lost the most important thing.”

– Velma_Dinkley007

7. “My individuality, personal space and peace of mind.”

– Atypical_af

8. “Anything that needs more attention at the moment. I mean, for me, you don’t only need to prioritize when there’s a time conflict or resource conflict. So, when it comes up, I do not choose by “who I love the most,” or “who is the most important person to me” (that answer is me. I don’t care how selfish it sounds). No, the question is “who/what needs this more at the moment”. So, in the right context, I could prioritize a complete stranger over my partner. But, in a different context, I could also prioritize a partner over myself, if needs be.”

– Marawal

9. “My peace.”

– Strong-Extension-976

10. “Harry Styles.”

– harrystyleslittledog

11. “My career and education. To be fair, my partner does the same. I’m glad we support each other on this.”

– pldtwifi153201

12. “Self-care and mental health.”

– beautifulbountiful

13. “Health, family, independence, identity.”

– marty679

14. “Personal health & wellness, my personal safety, and whatever future children that I may have.”

– skankyhermione

15. “Sleep. Health.”

– GaggingMaggot

I bet these women have really interesting stories about how they came to realise these priorities.