One of the most important parts of building authentic, long lasting connections is intimacy. This one thing is sometimes a direct reflection of how deserving we feel of love and recognition. But what exactly is intimacy? How do we know we’re building a solid connection with the people around us?

Here’s a great Reddit thread we came across where women have posted their definitions of Intimacy and what it means to them. Read on to know more. 

1. Letting the other person see you in your unguarded state, being vulnerable together, talking about your deepest dreams, desires or fears, being present together in the moment completely engaged in each other.

– spectacularlee

2. Being able to tell my partner about all the weird thoughts that pop into my head, without embarrassment, is a great thing. We’ve had some amazing conversations sparked by one of us saying something that another person might think is crazy. Real life example: “I feel so sad for trees that have initials carved into them that I have to go up and touch them and tell them I’m sorry someone hurt them.”

– fantine9

3. Softly touching anywhere on my body in a non-sexual way, such as my face or legs. Also just sitting in silence with no pressure to speak, or just doing our own thing, side by side. That’s the best way to hang out IMO because I’m very introverted.

– DovahkinQueen

4. When we sneak a moment to be curled up in a each other and whisper our mutual admirations. It can be just a second in a hug or embrace and the words can be deep or non-existent. It’s the connection and it’s life changing.

– Affectionate_Cupcake

5. Having an unspoken language with another person. Being able to make eye contact for a brief second to just connect when with others. Defining your love in a way that is unique and works for you two, specifically. Being your true self with that other person and needing them as much as you do while also being there for them as much as they need.

– cbmcbmcbmcbm

6. Lying side by side, not kissing, not talking, just staring into each other’s eyes and listening to his/her breathing. Gently touching each other’s arms, faces, necks, etc. And just forgetting about the outside world.

– jentwa97

7. Openness without being mocked. Being heard without needing to be logical. 

– koto_hanabi17

8. Sharing music playlists LMAO.

– soccerstud234

9. I have a picture of my boyfriend and me with our arms around each other, foreheads touching. It was just an ordinary moment my sister happened to capture during Christmas last year, but I so treasure it. I don’t remember exactly what he was telling me, but it’s very clear we are in love, and in our own little world. It’s that feeling of being safe in each other’s embrace, knowing that what is said stays only between you two. And feeling that even the slightest, gentlest touch can set your heart racing.

– CapockHatpin

10. TV and dinner together, when your partner loves you nerding out over something, belly rubs when you’re cramping, playing a video game together (preferably one where you’re on the same team), cooking together. Things like that are intimacy, emotional intimacy. 

– misanthropic-unicorn

11. Closeness, vulnerability, openness.

– Anonymous

12. Being honest and vulnerable. Allowing another person to see the sides of you that you don’t always put out into the world, even the ‘bad’ sides. Being able to express oneself freely without fear of judgement.

– PhannyPaqued

13. Feeling safe (with said person), mentally and physically.

– LandisLit

14. To me, it’s the idea of looking at someone across the room and knowing exactly what they’re thinking, or how they’re feeling. Just connecting with someone on a level where you understand them as much as possible, doesn’t have to be romantic. One of my friends gets me in a way no-one else does, and I think he feels the same about me. We could have entire conversations with just slight facial expressions and know exactly what the other person means.

– somersaultingcat

Wow, such insightful confessions.