Money has a bit of a bad rep. Especially when women prioritise their financial well-being above marriage or having children. But at the same time, every woman has, at some point, faced the inevitable question of whether she should let her life partner take care of her financially or continue to remain largely independent. 

Which is why we just had to talk about this Reddit thread where women are discussing what they would do if their partner asked them to quit their job, in exchange of financial support. Maybe we can all find something to relate to in here? Let’s take a look. 

1. F*ck no. I will not want to lose momentum in my career or control over being able to care for myself.

– contextISeverything 

2. I respect the women who live like this, it’s their life and their choice, but me, no way… I would tell them I’M VERY EXPENSIVE. Too expensive for you to afford. And I don’t need someone controlling me financially, or me being cautious about how to expend someone else’s money. What if things don’t work out and I wanna leave but have no savings, no job, no money? And that’s only the money freedom part. I love working and having a career. If he wants to pamper me with gifts, I won’t complain.

– Idrialis

3. I would MAAAAAYBE consider going part-time if that was ever brought to the table. But I work three 12-hour shifts a week, two would be nicer in an ideal life. I’ve supported myself and my kids for a long time and finally own a house, I would NEVER want someone to take credit for everything I’ve built and eventually say “Well I pay for everything.” NO WAY.

– windysunshine

4. Exactly. I worked way too hard to get where I’m at in my career. No way I’m giving that up.

– kitty_withlazers

5. Always have your own. My parents got divorced after 16 years and having 3 kids. And my mom was a successful nurse, which helped her survive the whole process. I’ll never rely on a man for money, no matter how much I love him.

– Idrialis 

6. Samesies. 100% nope. I will never put myself in a situation where someone can take credit for or take away everything I have built. My career, home, car, jewelery, vacations, experiences… I did that.

– freckled8082

7. I would quit, 100%, and use my time to do something I LOVE instead of slaving away to benefit someone else. It would be something to benefit both of our lives. Research real estate, get a real estate license, and invest their money for our benefit.

– No_Airline_970

8. My first thought as well, I enjoy my job but I would take that offer in a heart beat.

– 19CatsInATrenchCoat

9. Nope. I’ve been financially at the hands of someone else and I’m not leaving myself in that position ever again.

– Batsarebest

10. I did this one month into returning back to work from my maternity leave.. Best choice I’ve ever made. But it happened differently for us. I begged to be a stay at home mom on the condition that I’d go back to work after she turned a year old. It’s been three years and another kid later and I’m still home. Slowly getting to the point of wanting to be my own person and work again, but this situation worked for us. I think I’d feel a bit awkward not working if I didn’t have kids to care for.

– WuTangraisedme

11. “Lol, no.” 

Financial independence is freedom. You never know what could happen and he would always have the upper hand. Want space? Too bad can’t afford it. Want some thing he doesn’t want to pay for? Too bad, can’t afford it. He does something warranting breaking up? How will you afford leaving? It’ll be hard, it’ll take much longer. Big nope. Unless there is some form of monetary compensation for running the household (and using your tax credits, in certain countries).

– Ladidaladidi

12. If he’s abusive then it would be even harder to leave, especially if you have dependants.

– MyLife-is-a-diceRoll

13. I’d probably still keep my job. Maybe become part-time instead because I can’t see myself not working. Plus you don’t want to lose your independence.

– malaavida 

14. I would quit my soul sucking job and become a teacher like I actually wanted. Being gifted the ability to work for passion instead of survival would still be enough to make me grateful for life.

– tsh87

15. No, I hate cleaning and I like working outside the house. I like chatting with my co-workers, I like working with clients, and I like learning/practicing skills for money on a daily basis. I would need a life outside my partner and my hobbies would not fulfill me in that way.

– Kind-Set9376

16. Growing up with a financially abusive parent, I would never willingly put myself in that situation.

– shrimpfajita

17. Hell no. You take care of you. Never leave your life to someone else. I would always be willing to work regardless of my overall financial situation. Besides work gives meaning to life especially when you do something you really enjoy.

– Joia_Floof

18. Nope. We can be secure together.

– ClaireHux

What would you do if you were in a similar position?