People come in different shapes and sizes and colours among other things. It's how evolution works. But somehow we as a society have developed this idea of the perfect body type and anyone who doesn't adhere to those standards is often ostracised, especially women, and especially by men!

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There must be something about women's bodies that cishet men just want to dictate every aspect of it. Case in point, this Reddit thread where women reveal the worst unsolicited comments about their bodies they receive regularly. 

"Your visage is so pleasant that doggy style is a sin" 

Plato... probably

                    - HideousRed

Yes, I know I have a flat chest. You don't need to point it out. You certainly don't need to ask if I had breast cancer (I didn't, but how fucking rude are you). Yes, strangers do this. Yes, it's always men.

                    - transcendentseawitch

I am also a member of the itty bitty titty committee and yes the amount of men who point this out to me is way too high. I know I have small oppais, thanks detective. Or the men who say fetishizing stuff like small chests are more "pure" than larger ones, its gross. What's that even mean? That's so rude that they'd ask that, how traumatizing that'd be if that was the case?

                    - Not-A-SoggyBagel

I had a tumor in my left boob and while removing it I opted for a breast reduction as well. Sometimes I will meet people (men) that I haven't seen in a long time and they will point out that my "massive jugs" are sadly smaller now and that I made the wrong decision. Telling them that I had a malignant tumor usually shuts them up quick. Why even comment on something like that?

                    - Snoo92783

“You’re too tall for a girl.”

Thanks like I’m not insecure about it enough.

                    - princessreesey2002

 Being short was never my insecurity until people kept on pointing it out when I got older and stopped growing lmfao.

                    - maginhawast

I am way overweight and cringe every time someone comments on my work partners' weight. She is just a very thin person who just has a hard time gaining weight. No one says anything to me about my weight and I don't understand why they think it is appropriate to comment on hers. Like, can we just stop body-shaming period?! We all have enough going on without those shitty sprinkles on top.

                    - SleevieNicks

Same, I couldn't gain weight at all, lifting weights helped a little but I couldn't gain more than 6 kg and only if I was really, really dedicated. "You need to eat more!" My ass. Now that I'm nearly 34 my body has decided to gain some weight on its own but I'm still underweight.

                    - Gluebluehue

Anything about what/how much I'm eating and the body implications of it - and it goes both ways with too little or too much. Just let me enjoy my food in peace 🙃

                    - -QuietStorm-

“You look skinnier!” “What’s that on your face?” “You look so tired” I am aware that I have stress pimples, have lost weight and look like I’m dying. Thanks tho!

                    - thelittlelambe

Stop lifting heavy weights, you will look like a man. 

                    - coffeeonly4me

How big my butt is. I know.

                    - why_sug

"What's your cup size?"

                    - quantoseibella

About my acne. “Do you wash your face?” “Have you tried -insert any kind of shitty diy mask they saw on tik tok-?” “Have you checked yourself with the dermatologist?” 

Like dude, I have struggled my whole life with acne, I have tried a million different things to make my face look better. Stfu.

                    - Asthrayheart

Any comment about my height or my chest. Yes, I'm aware that I'm short and have big tits. Thanks for the reminder, otherwise I would have forgotten

                    - Shallow-ishPuddle

"You look like a teenager" Gets old after a while, I look like I'm 14, I get carded nonstop, have had guys not want to date me because I look so young, and people constantly tease me about it lol

                    - MidnightFireHuntress

Honestly the only time I've noticed that I've gotten unsolicited comments is while I was pregnant. And maybe I just noticed it/hated it because I was a hormonal mess that was really not in the mood for anything, least of all comments about my body.

                    - MandyTRH

Very tired of hearing 'you would be prettier if you straightened hair'.

                    - MatildasRedRibbon

You must shave your legs. I am a woman, very hairy and don't wear dresses, nevermind shorts. When I do expose my legs, to medical staff, don't say anything. 

                    - bellking19

Men telling me to shave or pointing out body hair. 

                    - SadWallflowerr

"Wow, your tits are huge" 

Please stop staring at my chest or using it as a conversation starter. Any comments about my appearance that aren't about my clothes, makeup, or hair color/style are unwanted and I will tell you as much.

                    - AikoG84

Random fat men who spot when I'm wearing a brace: "oh, I had horrible back and knee pain too when I was heavier, but I've been pain free since losing 15% of my body fat! You should try it" "Wow, is her ass fake?? Watch for a jiggle and see if her thighs match!" "Is that your real waist?" "What are you gonna do with all that hair??"- this one was way more common before natural hair on Black women got popular. Some of the same people now ask for tips. rip lol 

                    - blickyjayy

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It was nicer in the 20th century when men didn't talk to women as much since all they wanted to do was die in glorious battle.