There are some things that you simply have to do in order to help a sis out. You know, it’s girl code! In fact, we happened to have stumbled across this Reddit thread where women have shared their own ideas of what girl code is! 

Here, take a look and read on if you’re curious to know more: 

1. “If a girl is being harassed or you overhear someone else planning to do something to her, you don’t leave her alone. I was on the bus once and this random girl came up to me and hugged me. She whispered to me and said the group of guys in the back were talking about jumping me and my group of friends for our phones. I will forever thank that girl. And once, a girl was being catcalled on the train and the guy wouldn’t leave her alone. So I sat next to her and began making small conversation as if we were friends. The guy eventually left. Never leave each other alone.”

– bettyboopvenom

2. “The 5-minute rule. If it can be fixed in 5 minutes or less tell her! If it can’t (bloat situation etc..) then there’s no need to say anything because it will literally only make her feel bad.”

– stretchyscrunchie

3. “If their strap is twisted, untwist it. Always carry extra feminine products and extra hair ties. If she’s being harassed, you just link up and walk with her, no questions asked. Also, my daughters have a literal code. If they ever text me the secret code, I will drop everything I’m doing and call them immediately, make up a major crisis and demand to come get them immediately. I’ll make it 100% my fault, but give them an immediate out to any situation they don’t feel able to simply walk away from.”

– wimwood

4. “This could be a trend across other genders too but when a girl says she loves something you are wearing, you always tell her where you bought it and how much it was for. And ESPECIALLY if you got it for a discount.”

– GammaRVE

5. “Lipstick on their teeth, eyeliner in the corner of their eye, skirt tucked into pantyhose. You let them know without making a huge deal about it.”

– garden-girl 

6. “If another girl comes over to you and pretends to know you, no questions asked we’ve been friends for 30 years and haven’t seen each other in 5. And always give a tampon if you have one, and someone needs one. Edit: never lend tampons, always give.”

– Wonder_WomanUnderoos

7. “If you get breast cancer, let as many people as possible feel your lump so they know what they are looking for! Before my mastectomy, my breast made a lot of new friends, early detection can mean the difference between life and death.”

– ThanksCancer_com

8. “If she’s dating a known abuser, take turns getting her out of the house. Play cards, shop for shoes, ask her to help you lay out the garden, make pie. Never broach the subject yourself – just make sure she knows she’s welcome any time, day or night, with or without advance notice.”

– redcolumbine

9. “If there’s a red spot on her pants you tell her discreetly and immediately.”

– TheRedMaiden

10. “If a friend drinks too much and starts to puke, always hold her hair back for her.”

– demonardvark

11. “If you walk into the bathroom and the girl in there is being quiet, you do your business and leave as quickly as you can. Girl is trying to poop!”

– Cloudinterpreter

12. “If you’re at a party and you see a girl doing something she might regret the next day due to drinking WAY too much, you go over there and make sure she’s okay.”

– mystical_bogus

13. “No women left behind at the club. You look out for and take care of your girls and don’t let random men drag them away without their explicit permission.”

– yokayla

14. “Help the drunk girl crying in the bathroom.”

– Anonymous

15. “Tell her when you see him cheating, snap a pic for proof if you can. I’ve lost friends because of this, but I’ll still do it every time.”

– scarlettcrush

Girl code 101!