With marriage comes the responsibility to start a new family, live in a different house, make adjustments in your career, change surname, and a lot of other things.

You’d be kidding if you say marriage doesn’t really change a woman’s life. It’s the opposite actually & we all know it. We decided to ask women about the one thing that scares them about marriage & the responses ahead are just mere facts. Read on. 

1. “Marriages inevitably become about compromises. Which is fine if they are reasonable and mutual, but there are things I can’t negotiate. Career, for instance. I will end up coming across as “selfish”. That scares me.”

Ira Shukla

2. “Honestly given today’s dating climate and the stale state of relationships most Indian parents have, I’m super apathetic towards marriage. Love marriage sounds good on paper but does it work IRL? And arranged marriage is a big no-no, personally. So marriage seems like a hard pass for now.”

Raashi Dev

3. “What scares me is the marriage falling apart. It can be two people falling out of love and still holding on to the marriage for the sake of it. It must be such a suffocating feeling. You can be madly in love with the person when you get married, but what happens when the love dies? That’s what scares me.”

Nirmiti Kamat

4. “Something that scares me about marriage is that I would have to give up my personal space which I enjoy so much. I would have to share everything with my partner and I am more of a person who depends on herself to do things rather than ask someone for help until I really need it. Don’t get me wrong I find solitude with being myself and am not afraid of people or spending time with them it’s just that I can’t constantly be around someone and that’s why I don’t have best friends too as this need to share everything was just never in me but with marriage, it is in one way or another inevitable.”

Sakshi Sharma

5. “Marriage is scary for me because what if the person is just fulfilling an obligation. Marriage isn’t just about having children and living together. It is about love, honesty, and trust. Most men expect women to be unpaid help that does everything for them their moms would do and fuck them.” 

Karen Dsouza

6. “There are many what-ifs that cross my mind. What if it’s too soon to take this huge life decision? What if the guy I think is the LOML isn’t really the one? What if I find someone better after I’m already married?”

Taniya Khan

7. “The fact that Indian families expect too much out of their daughters-in-law when it comes to food, clothing, timings and the expectation to be warm to each family member irrespective of the fact whether she is being treated with the same warmth and affection. Also, lifetime commitment. Women also face commitment issues. The fact that you have to be away from your own family and accept their family just in a day. Also, not having my mom with me.”

Swati Kaitan

8. “Being answerable to someone for small things. Fear of expectations from in-laws. What if it does not work out? Independence mainly.”

Navya Sahai Bhatnagar

9. “What scares me about marriage is the adjustment that comes with it and the fact that it falls down on women. Also, how much of family responsibility falls on women, even in ‘woke, progressive’ families.”

Srishti Magan

10. “The fact that I’ll have to leave my parents’ house and adjust somewhere else.”

Anshu Awasthi

11. “Responsibilities. Putting all the responsibilities on women, from the kitchen to bed, every fucking thing.

Rashi Chomal

12. “I married someone from another caste, religion, and culture. Despite being in a relationship for many years, I was scared if the family will accept me or not. Will I be able to understand a totally different culture? And most importantly, I was scared of the unnecessary pressure relatives put on a couple to have a child after marriage.”

Meenu Katariya 

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