Among the many pains the world awaits to offer us- bikini waxing would always be on the list. I mean, waxing itself is a painful experience, and when you talk about bikini waxing, it naturally scares your soul. However, to wax or not to wax is a personal choice, and no one should be forced to do it. 

Meanwhile, women on Reddit are sharing things they wish they knew about Brazilian wax, and we’re taking notes.

1. “A topical numbing cream is an option if you’re particularly sensitive to pain. Half an hour before my appt, slather it on, then wipe clean with the wipes provided when you arrive.”


2. “Make sure your hair is trimmed before going in. If it is too long the wax may get stuck which is super painful when trying to remove the strip.”


3. “I got some advice from a friend about this a while ago and she was very adamant about how there were only a few appropriate and professional positions they’ll ask you to take, no downward dog or anything. I don’t really have any specifics and my brief Google search provided nothing good, but your comfort is important so trust your gut and leave if it feels sketchy.”


4. “Wait two days before you apply any sort of product down there and avoid sex for that long as well, as it will be raw. Avoid activities that might chafe the area as well. After this period, exfoliate to prevent ingrown hairs. If all goes well after that, it only gets easier the more times you do it. You do get used to the pain of it over time and it becomes no big deal.”


5. “Beware of sweating or wearing not-so-fresh clothes right before/after waxing, especially your first wax. The hair follicles are being removed, this creates like some small wounds in your skin which can easily get infected if you sweat or wear not so clean clothes right after.”


6. “Don’t drink coffee!! And avoid scheduling the week before and after your period.”


7. “If you can get past the awkwardness and relax, it’s easier for the person working on you if they don’t have to deal with the paper panties. And when it’s easier for them to maneuver, it will be faster and less painful for you.”


8. “Don’t expect the first wax to be perfectly smooth. Your hair grows in cycles and you probably have some little hairs that are too short for the wax to adhere to, so they’ll be left behind. In 2-3 sessions the growth cycles sync up better.”


9. “Wearing loose clothing! I wore a dress and I didn’t even have to get undressed, I only had to lift my dress up.”


10. “Let your waxer know if it’s your first time. I chatted to mine almost the entire wax (<20 minutes) and it distracted me. It went by a lot faster than I thought because of this since I was focused on the conversation and not the waxing going on.”


11. “Just remember that by the time you have dressed again, the pain will have gone away. It’s momentary, which makes it more bearable, and knowing that it is so brief makes it easier for me to deal with!”


12. “My number one tip is to read the reviews of the person you are going to go see! The first time the girl was not personable and it made the whole thing even more awkward than it needed to be. The girl I see now is polite but talks to you and helps take your mind off of what’s going on and puts you at ease.”


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