Society’s expectations from women are so unrealistic! I mean, how can a human being be perfect at everything (mother, daughter, wife, girlfriend, etc)? Not to mention, we are also trained to think about the well-being of our nonexistent husband!

We can literally have an entire book named ‘unrealistic expectations society holds for women’ but, first, let’s listen to what our fellow women have to say!

1. “That we have to “have it all”. My husband goes to work for 9 hours a day, that’s fine. Meanwhile, I am expected to work full-time, exercise, have hobbies, keep educating myself, take care of the house and garden, have lots of social life, and have to be interested in travel while caring for my child when she’s born. If I don’t do or don’t want to do any of that, I’m oppressed, lazy, uneducated, and naive.”


2. “That women “just know” stuff like how to raise a baby or plan a wedding. No, we bloody research and learn as we go. It’s not innate.”


3. “To look natural but when you don’t wear makeup, people tell you to wear makeup but then they say to go natural. Basically, they want women to look natural with makeup.”


4. “When we’re expected to think the same. As soon as I hear a guy say ‘You’ll women’ I shut down.”


5. “I’m expected to remove every single hair from my body while men are magically fine just the way they naturally look. Nah bro it’s the yeti life for me.”


6. “I can’t stand constantly being told how to take care of my nonexistent husband.”


7. “That we are to be magic mind readers who know which men mean us harm and those who don’t. If we get assaulted, it was our fault for not protecting ourselves, but if we take precautions then it becomes a ‘not all men situation and how we are all misandrists.”

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8. “That I give even the smallest iota of fuck about nearly any opinion some person feels fit to drop the fuck out of their mouth about my life.”


9. “Always be calm, composed, and smiling. If the world is ending and the men are screaming. Just calmly ask them with a smile, if they would like tea with some snacks during these taxing times.”


10. “That women’s bodies should snap back after giving birth. Birth is fucking major, and it takes a toll similar to surgery, expecting the body to return to the same at all, let alone immediately, is a pretty fucking big ask.”


11. “That dinner and drinks gives men the right to MY BODY. I don’t know if anyone else has had this experience, but it’s frustrating that some men believe that treating a woman to a nice meal guarantees sex later that night or later down the line.”


12. “If women have any sort of interest in a male-dominated area they’re seen to have to ‘prove’ themselves otherwise people think they’re faking or just trying to be cool. ‘Oh, you like football? Who scored the most goals in the World Cup in 1982? Oh, you don’t know? LOL typical girl pretending she knows things’. You don’t have to be an expert to just enjoy something!”


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