A lot of people like to believe that wearing a saree limits women from doing certain things. But is that really true? I mean haven’t we all seen women (whether family or friends) don sarees like nobody’s business while also being comfortable in them? 


Well then, here are a bunch of women acing the saree, while also getting any and every task done in it. Because the nine-yarder doesn’t stop anyone from being awesome. 

1. Here’s gymnast Parul Arora doing flip after flip while in a saree

She flipped the switch alright! 

2. Mandira Bedi doing push-ups in a saree and showing us all how to truly rock the ‘lewk.’ 

3. Eshna Kutty showing the whole world what being comfortable in your clothes is all about. 

4. Mili Sarkar’s saree stunt videos went viral in a hot second, leaving everybody stunned.  

5. Dr. Sharvari Inamdar giving us all fitness and saree goals!

6. When Mithali Raj, Captain of the Indian Women’s Cricket Team showed the world what she is all about. 

7. Now we know where Milind Soman gets his fitspiration from. 82-year-old Usha Soman doing push-ups and whatnot is the kind of motivation we all need. Kudos aunty! 

8. Oorbey Roy skating and leaving a trail of happiness where ever she goes. 

9. Just FYI, Shital Rane-Mahajan set the world record by skydiving twice from a height of thirteen thousand feet. 

10. Next time a dude tries to mansplain his way through a conversation about bikes or bike stunts, casually forward this video to him. 

11. 86-year-old Shanta Balu Pawar AKA warrior aaji doing martial arts in a saree is the rad content you need to see today.

12. Look at this aunty setting the bar as she rides a Bullet in a saree. 

13. Well obviously, 83-year-old Kiran Bai has proved to us all that the only thing you need to stay fit is the right mindset. 

Hope these gave you a dose of inspiration!