For women juggling between work and family, the majority of the society sets up extremely hard expectations – because these women are expected to not just excel at what they do but exceed expectations. Something which is humanly just not possible. 


Sarah Buckley Friedberg, who is a working mother herself, lays out some of the unreasonable expectations that society has of working mothers, in a Facebook post.  

Her post talks about how even with all the changes in our society, working moms are still expected to manage both, household and work commitments perfectly and share a big part of the daily load.

They are also expected to manage every need that a child may have, be it with school work, medical attention, birthday parties, or even daily ‘fun’ time. 

Of course, a working mother has to ensure every member of the family feels cared for while looking her best!

And at the end of it all, the ‘modern society’ still feels mothers can take out ‘me time’ for themselves. Because there are that many hours in a day!  

You can read the complete post here

These expectations are not just unreasonable but also add extra pressure on women. Which is why, no matter how hard they work, they always feel they’re letting down someone – either their friends, or family, or worse yet, their child.

Design credits: Nupur Agrawal