If there’s one thing about film stars that I lust after (apart from their Koffee hampers of course!), then it has to be their fit-freak bodies. 

Now following the no-carb-no-fried-no-junk diet to get that killer six pack, somehow seems out of question. *Pops in a chicken nugget*. So that leaves us with one thing — their workout regime.

So get ready to bend it like Bollywood, because we’ve got you 11 of the most sought after celebrity workout regimes.

1. Salman Khan 


Salman must be a bhai for us, but he also happens to be a fitness guru for many within the industry. Never missing his workout regime, Salman regularly performs sit-ups for up to a count of 2000. This is followed by 500 abdominal crunches and 1000 push-ups. Besides his rigorous workout schedule, Mr. Chulbul Pandey also likes to go for cycling and jogging.

2. Shilpa Shetty 


This is one Bollywood diva who just plain refuses to age and gets only better with each passing day. Shilpa has always gone on record to admit that her weak areas are the hip, the inner- outer thighs and the core region. So she regularly performs wide squats which help her strengthen the hips. After this she performs ab workouts.  The Baazigar actress performs yoga, pranayam and meditation, strength training and other cardiovascular exercises in order to stay fit.

3. John Abraham

When you think of John, the only thing that comes to your mind are the killer abs.*sigh*. But did you know that abs are the hardest part of the body to lose fat from? We certainly didn’t until John told us. He begins his session by performing crunches and leg raises for his abdominals. Then he does cross crunches and cross leg raises which helps work his internal and external oblique muscles. Finally, he uses plank exercises to develop the abdominal muscles. *Phew*

4. Katrina Kaif 


She’s gorgeous, a great dancer and an even bigger fitness freak. Katrina begins her day with a jog on the beaches as she believes the sand offers a good resistance. Then she hits the gym to train with her expert Yasmin Karachiwala. Katrina regularly does cardio and plank exercises. She also loves to cycle to tone her leg muscles. Apart from this, Kaif has also taken to aqua aerobics recently. *Clicks tongue*

5. Hritik Roshan


To all the boys out there, read this one carefully! Hrithik follows a strenuous workout regime, under his instructor Kris Gethin. Mr. Jaadu has got his exercises divided as per the days of the week. However he performs 20-30 minutes of cardio exercises everyday. On Mondays, Hrithik focuses on the chest, calves, and the back by performing dumbbell bench press. On Tuesdays, he does leg press, seated leg tucks, and extensions for his lower body. On Thursdays, he shifts focus to calves while working on his abs and arms on Friday. 

6. Deepika Padukone


Being Prakash Padukone’s daughter, Deepika comes from a sports background and is naturally athletic. But this Bollywood diva is very serious when it comes to her fitness regimes and doesn’t only rely on the gym to stay in shape. She diligently performs yoga apart from playing badminton. At the gym, Deepika does pilates  and functional weight training. Recently, she has been doing a lot of this new exercise called 20-20-20 where she works out on three different machines for 20 minutes each, focusing on three different body parts.

7. Ranveer Singh 


I think Ranveer Singh doesn’t need to workout, considering he’s always so high on energy. But just like wifey, Singh also hates skipping workout sessions. Ranveer does high-intensity training, followed by playing a sport. Which could be either of running, swimming or cycling. For his sculpted body, Ranveer does an hour of cardio twice a day starting with 10-20 minutes and then moves on to other abs related exercises. 

8. Alia Bhatt 


Alia is like the cute girl next door who can make a million hearts skip a beat with that dimpled smile. But this Student of the Year actress also takes her workout regime pretty seriously. Alia performs lunges and squats and works out on the treadmill everyday. She in fact also goes for running on the beach, and does circuit training, kickboxing, swimming and weights. 

9. Tiger Shroff


So if there’s one actor that holds the potential to become the next Hrithik Roshan, then it’s Tiger Shroff. Green eyes, whatte dancer, and those ripping biceps. However, not many know that jr. Shroff is actually a great fan of Bruce Lee, and practices martial arts on a regular basis himself. Even he has his workouts planned differently as per the days of the week. He does a lot of lateral machine pull-downs, plyometric push-ups, and 10 kg weight loaded reverse crunches among a list of many other exercises. And trust us, there are many!

10. Sonakshi Sinha


Sonakshi Sinha is an inspiration for many when it comes to weight training. It’s never so much about being a certain size as much as it’s about being fit. Sonakshi does a rigorous Pilates fitness regime along with a combination of cardio exercises. She has also been spending a lot of time recently doing headstands, battle ropes and skipping outdoors.

11. Varun Dhawan


Washboard abs, sculpted arms and a chiseled body. Varun Dhawan ladies and gentlemen! So what does he do to get that smokin’ hot body? Dhawan works out for about one and a half hours, and four to six times a week. He usually starts his workout with warm-up exercises, and then moves onto cardio. He does a mix of pilates and weight training, and works on strengthening his body. 

 *Slides the chicken nuggets away*