The season’s changing, haven’t you noticed? The nip of the air and the bite of the cold, and as it changes nature performs a spectacular show of her glorious colours and what she is capable of.

In China a 1400 year-old ginkgo tree has been on a month long splendid display of autumn, as it continues to shed golden yellow leaves turning the grounds of the temple into a golden yellow sea.

The tree grows next to the Gu Guanyin Buddhist Temple in the Zhongnan Mountains and is heralding autumn in the most splendid way.

The ginkgo tree, also known as the maidenhair, has remained unchanged through nearly 200 million years of drastic change, that is, it has been around ever since the age of dinosaurs!

And has earned itself the title of ‘living fossil’

And it remains the only living link that takes us back to a time when dinosaurs walked the earth.