So Netflix is finally in India and we can’t contain our excitement. Yes, it’s true that Indians have torrents and tonnes of other ways to download content online and they may think they don’t need Netflix. But, once you start watching a show on Netflix, you cannot go back. Trust me! The quality, the clarity and the instant availability of some of the best international content makes it super cool. The sign-up interface is easy, and the best part – you get the one full month of free Netflix. 

So here is a list of international TV Shows to binge-watch during your first free Netflix month:

1. Wentworth 

For fans of Orange Is the New Black, this Australian drama also tells the story of a woman sent to prison and is the remake of an ’80s show called Prisoner.


2. Black Mirror

A sci-fi thriller, it explores how technology manipulates the human behaviour. 


3. Broadchurch

The TV series is about how the murder of a young boy rips a small town apart and makes the two detectives suspect everyone, including each other.

Broadchurch Wikia

4. Master Of None 

A comedy by Aziz Ansari, it shows how becoming a mature adult is more difficult than having a stable career or even dating. 

The Wellesley News

5. Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt 

When a woman is rescued from a cult she was trapped in for 15 years, she moves to New York and starts to really live her life.

Barrington Hinds

6. Making A Murderer 

A crime thriller, this is about the life of a guy who served term for 18 years for a crime he didn’t commit. But he’s on the line again, and now some people want him to be put away for good. 


7. Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries

Set in the 1920s, this Australian series is about a fabulous lady detective.

Going Up In History

8. Jane The Virgin

Jane, who is a virgin, is accidentally artificially inseminated. What follows makes for a hilarious TV show. 


9. Trailer Park Boys 

A Netflix original, Trailer Park Boys is about 3 long-time pals who run scams for a living.


10. Sense 8 

The lives of 8 people are in danger because they are gifted with telepathy, but that’s the only thing keeping them alive. This sensational sci-fi drama’s representation game is on point.

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11. Grace And Frankie

Grace and Frankie’s husbands leave them for each other, and now they have to help each other return to single life.


12. Bloodline

This is about the Rayburn family, living a perfect life in a lovely small town. But everything isn’t what it seems, specially in the Rayburn family. 

The Trust Advisor

13. Penny Dreadful

A combination of the classic tales of Dracula, Frankenstein, Dorian Gray and more, woven together beautifully. Also the cast is quite stellar. 

Master Herald

14. The Inbetweeners  

A British sitcom about teen boys who can’t do anything right.

Series Blanco

15. The 100 

Set in a post-apocalyptic world, humans are living on a space station after earth was deemed unfit to live on. Several decades later, a 100 teenagers are sent to Earth to see if it’s safe to return or not. 

Get Glue

16. Hemlock Grove 

Secrets are a normal part of the daily lives of people in the small town of Hemlock Grove. Here the darkest evil hides in plain sight, and monsters come in all shapes. 


17. Under The Dome

Sealed in an invisible dome, this small town is held captive with wicked secrets and terrible nightmares. 


18. Jessica Jones 

A feminist superhero, Jessica uses her gifts to find her tormentor before he can harm anyone else. For Jessica, revenge is sweet but she most definitely isn’t. 


19. Daredevil 

The Marvel superhero, Daredevil is the story of a young boy blinded at a young age, fighting injustice as a lawyer during the day and a superhero in the night. 

Master Herald

20. Real Rob 

He is a famous stand-up comic, but his real life is even more funnier. Explore the life of the super famous comedian Rob Schneider.


Happy binge-watching people! 

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