Just when you thought that you have seen everything, Mother Nature has a tendency to throw something at us that catches us off guard. The story of Blanche Dumas is one such case.

Years ago, because of the lack of education, people born with some sort of anomaly were discriminated against. Sometimes this discrimination was so severe that these guys had no other option apart from joining a circus or a ‘freakshow’.

Here’s the tale of Blanche Dumas who was born on the island of Martinique in 1860 to a French father and a mother of African origin. Bechlinger of Para, Brazil visited her and decided to document her in a book named Human Oddities: A Book of Nature’s Anomalies.

The Human Marvels

She is said to have had a very broad pelvis, two imperfectly developed legs and a third leg attached to her coccygeus and, in addition to normal well developed breasts, she also had two smaller rudimentary breasts close together above her pubic area.

Blanche also had two vaginas and two well-developed vulvas. It is said that she had developed sensitivity in both her vaginas and had allegedly ‘entertained’ men with both of them. 

According to the book, her extreme libido is what led her to become a courtesan in Paris. However, there is no proof for that. She is also said to have written letters to Francesco Lentini, a man who had three-legs with dual genitalia, and expressed her desire to get sexually intimate with him. Although there are no confirmed reports of the two meeting but there is great rumour of a brief affair.

Mother Nature always surprises us.