The thing with trying to cover a lot of content from all over the world is, often some really good ones end up slipping under the radar. One of the most heartwarming stories I’ve read is actually from earlier this year.

Bill Moore, a 90-year-old veteran from Aurora, Colorado, wrote a letter to his wife, Bernadean Gibson, when he was serving in the WW2 in 1944. Over the years, the couple lost track of the letter. Five years ago, Bernadean passed away and ever since, Moore has been living life as a heartbroken man who cannot spend all his time with his beloved wife.

And then someone found the letter in the sleeve of an old vinyl record and returned it to the Moore family. This video shows how Bill Moore reacted once he got a chance to read the same letter he had written back when he was a young man.

Check it out. And keep some tissues handy.

Source – 7 NEWS – The Denver Channel