If it isn’t obvious by now, this would be a good time to say this – this author spends a lot of time lurking on Imgur. The image hosting site is not merely a time-killer but also a huge part of many people’s lives. The Imgur community is lively, kind, mean, rude, witty, dark all at the same time. In other words, it’s everything a web-addict loves.

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In the last panel of the post, Jorge’s friend Jessie, who typed this out for him, added –

Jorge Adkins passed away on Sunday March 29th at 1:26 am (Eastern). As requested, he wanted to pass in his sleep.

A few things he wanted me to share: ‘Be yourself, you are one of a kind, a rare majestic kind. Be positive about life, embrace it how ever you want to, no one can tell you otherwise. Please if you have children, tell them to be themselves, don’t allow social media to teach them to act or behave a certain way, respect your morals. If you like playing video games, then play video games, don’t hide your interest because someone doesn’t approve, fuck them!’

I just wanted to share that this has made Jorge and I so happy, it was truly the best way he could pass. I haven’t seen him this genuinely happy in so long. This wasn’t just for Ad, this was also for me, it was a bonding experience that I will never forget. We laughed and cried typing this up, and we read every single message that we could. He was so happy, I will miss my buddy so much. Rest in the sweetest peace big guy.

Love forever,Jessie R.

As it’s the Internet, he also managed to bump into special people in the comments section –


In the end, we’d like to believe that this post helped Jorge find some much needed closure.

Rest in peace, fellow Imgurian.