Yesterday, Marvel Studios released an extended trailer for their upcoming blockbuster, Avengers: Age of Ultron . What starts off with a scene featuring some playful banter among the superheroes in what looks like Stark Tower that is now the Avengers’ new base, soon takes a dark turn as the deep voice of James Spader (who plays Ultron) tells them what he really thinks of this group.

For those who do not know much about Ultron, he is an artificial intelligence who wants to bring peace on earth. It’s just that he wants to do it by annihilating humankind. (Ozymandias from Watchmen has nothing on this dude). So yeah, a highly disturbed robot and a bunch of shots of the Avengers being overwhelmed – this is what the trailer reveals. Frankly, I don’t mind this at all, seeing how this after all is a Joss Whedon film. Vulnerability of heroes is this man’s bread and butter. [Spoiler Alert] Firefly fans are still trying to get over what happened to Wash in the Serenity film. Will one of the Avengers be ‘Joss Whedon-ed’ in this film? We’ll know in May 2015. Watch the extended trailer here.