Waking up in the morning is a huge drag. No matter how many alarms we set, we inevitably end up hitting the snooze button every single time. But not all alarm clocks are the same.

Here are some of the most creative alarm clocks that’ll make you get out of bed no matter what.

1. Carpet Alarm Clock – Stand on it to turn it off

Yes, some people can sleep even standing but it’s not that comfortable, is it? This carpet alarm clock will ensure that your sleep is ruined by making you stand on it for a decent amount of time. And yes, it also displays the time.

2. The KUKU Alarm Clock – One that lays eggs

This bizarre contraption is a hen shaped alarm clock that lays eggs as it starts ringing and doesn’t stop until you push the eggs back in. Don’t ask.

3. Clocky – Alarm Clock that makes you chase it

This alarm clock with wheels, called Clocky , is perhaps the most annoying thing on wheels. As soon as it starts ringing, it starts moving and you have to chase after it to get hold of the ‘off’ button.

4. The Flying Alarm Clock – Catch it to turn it off

If you ever want to feel like Harry Potter chasing after the golden snitch while waking up, this is the closest you might get. This flying alarm clock , when ringing, propels upwards forcing you to get up and bring it down so that you can turn it off.

5. Laser Targeting Alarm Clock – You better hope you’re a good shot

You might think you’re a good shot but try being that good when you’re groggy and sleepy eyed. This alarm clock comes equipped with a laser shooter that you need to aim at the center of the machine for it to stop ringing.

6. Sfera Alarm Clock – Retracts upwards and out of reach

The Sfera alarm clock , that dangles from the wall, comes with good news and bad news. The good news – it lets you snooze. The bad news – every time you snooze, it retracts upwards and eventually goes out of your reach forcing you to get up to turn it off.

7. Finger Dance Alarm Clock – Dance to the beat to turn it off

Imagine having to follow directions coming from a bunch of pointy lights you usually see in dance arcades. The finger dance alarm clock does not stop ringing until your fingers perform up to the mark (can’t believe I just said that).

8. Money Shredding Alarm Clock – Most expensive snooze ever

Please note – We do not condone willful destruction of currency notes. It’s illegal to do so in most countries. But this money shredding alarm clock is one nasty invention. If you have to get up on time, you place a currency note in it while setting the alarm. When you do not turn it off after the first few rings, it starts shredding that note.

9. Rocket Launch Alarm Clock – You better know where it went

Simple yet genius this one is. This alarm clock shoots a rocket in the air when it rings and does not stop ringing until you find the rocket and place it back in the original position.

10. Jigsaw Puzzle Alarm Clock – Rack your brain to turn it off

Confession time – I was never really that good with jigsaw puzzles. Which is why I think this is evil genius at its best. When the ringing starts, this clock flings out the pieces of a jigsaw puzzle and it’s up to you to find all of them and solve the puzzle so as to stop the ringing.

11. Hand Grenade Alarm – Pull the pin and watch the fun

Want your kids or friends to wake up like action heroes of the 80’s would wake up the bad guys? Try this hand grenade shaped alarm clock . Just pull the pin and throw it in their room. To turn it off, you have to pick it up and throw it against a wall or plug the pin back in.

12. Bacon Burning Clock – Nooooo! Not my bacon!

Before going to sleep, you can place bacon inside this Wake N’ Bacon clock and at the designated time, your clock starts heating the bacon so that you wake up to the delicious aroma. But good things don’t last forever. If you take too long to wake up, you risk burning your treat.

13. Bomb Disposal Alarm Clock – Needs your full concentration

Want some adventure while waking up. Try this one called the ‘ Dangerbomb ‘, where you have to connect a series of blue, red and yellow wires in the correct sequence, which is randomly generated. If you cannot do it in the stipulated time, you face a fake but thunderous explosion.

14. Money Donating Alarm Clock – Wake up before all your money is gone

This alarm clock, called SnuzNLuz , is the ultimate tool for self discipline. You connect it through Wi-Fi to your banck account, specify a number of charities you hate and when you press the snooze button, it starts donating money to those charities. Plain evil stuff.

15. Dumbbell Alarm Clock – Won’t stop ringing until you lift some weights

This Dumbbell alarm clock has two modes – normal, where you can stop the ringing with one upward swing of the clock, and exercise mode, where you have to do a set number of lifts before the clock stops ringing. Not a bad way to get yourself to work out.

16. Vibrator Alarm Clock – Rise up or get aroused. Your choice.

Women of the world, rejoice! Thanks to this wake-up jolt that’s even better than coffee (unless you really love coffee), you can look forward to mornings again. There’s nothing like an orgasm to get the day started. And yep, it’s aptly named Wake-Up Vibe .

So which one is your favourite?