There is a natural seduction in food, in the sweet thick texture of honey and the bitter aroma of coffee. And in an interesting styling project four UK based artists Luke, Fera, Dave, and Oliver come together as Side by Side - a design studio based out of Sheffield.

As part of the Sainsbury's 'Twist Your Favourites' campaign the group was asked to create artwork by playing with six key ingredients. And they wound up creating customised typography that would be used in the campaigns digital adverts.

On the Side by Side website the artists say, "The idea was simple — give your favourite dishes a twist by adding in an unexpected ingredient. Analog had seen our typography work, liked it and wanted more."

"For each design we wanted a connection between the type and the ingredient."

"We created bespoke lettering and sourced all props and backgrounds, meaning a good few hours rummaging around antique shops (the wooden backgrounds are broken up pallets which were then aged with a blow torch)."

"Each piece was handmade in our studio. One thing we’ve definitely learned is to not leave chorizo out overnight – mice love it."

Watch what went down behind the scenes here:

Twist Your Favourites

Put a little twist on your stir fry and add some honey. You can ‘bee’ sure of a midweek classic. #LittleTwists. Get the recipe:

Posted by Sainsbury's on Tuesday, 29 September 2015

And here:

Just another spaghetti bolognese? Not this week. This is spag bol with coffee! A twist on the midweek favourite. #LittleTwists. Get the recipe:

Posted by Sainsbury's on Tuesday, 15 September 2015

All images sourced from Side by Side