Batman's legacy in pop-culture is unparalleled. Ever since his arrival on the comic book scene, which was back in 1939, he has been one of the most popular heroes ever. The superhero with no superpower was something most of us could relate to. Perhaps that explains why there's such a huge variety of fan-art on him.

Here are some of the best ones we found online. We hope you like these as much as we did.

Viking Batman

Source: mlkshk

1714 Batman

Source: Alexon

Actual Bat Batman

Source: Luke Maddox

Ottoman Batman

Source: Eren Arik

Future Batman (Not to be confused with Batman Beyond)

Source: Ryan HDZ

Greaser Batman

Source: DenisM79

Actual Dark Knight

Source: Johnas Larona

Medieval Batman

Source: Daniel Abreu

Fantasy Knight Batman

Source: Kang Jason

Nightmare Batman

Source: Dookie ADZ

Post-Apocalyptic Batman

Source: The UnBrilliant

Vampire Batman

Source: Dark Matteria

Steampunk Batman

Source: R-tan

Batman 2046

Source: Isikol

Avenging Angel Batman

Source: Andy Fairhurst

Titanium Batman

Source: IronConquest86

Zombie Batman

Source: Diosdado Mondero

Demonic Batman

Source: Fear-sas

Batman Beyond version 2

Source: fc05

Fantasy Batman vs Wrym Joker

Source: Sandara

Street Batman

Source: Alex Tzutzy

Animated Series Badass Batman

Source: Ilker Esen

Got any of your own? Feel free to share links on the comments section.