Who wouldn’t like to travel the world with their bae, without the tension of excessive baggage, and well, clothes? 

Nick and Lins are one couple who are doing just that. They travel the world with the minimum necessities and almost, always, stark naked! 

The couple first discovered nudism when they accidentally booked a naked sauna. After speaking to several other nudists there, they were convinced that nudism is something they would like to be a part of. 

Since their eye-opening discovery, they have travelled to many parts of Austria, Brazil, Italy, Luxembourg, Croatia, Greece, Montenegro and Malta, among other places. 

Supporters of the nudism revolution, the Belgium couple has a travel blog that is quite aptly called, Naked Wanderings.

The best feature of their blog is that nudist aspirers from other countries have a platform to share their views and stories. 

For Nick and Lins, nudism is not just about getting naked. It’s about feminism, feeling comfortable in your skin, undressing to destress, and a whole lot more. 

In an interview with Metro, they said:

“Our main objective is to take naturism out of the shadows and to make nudity less sexualised and more accepted – and to show people that it’s actually a fun thing to do and that a human body is nothing to be ashamed of. “

We’re sure they are giving a voice to many people across the globe who feel the same way about nudism. 

Would you ever take a naked-vacation? 

All images from Instagram