Think of fries and burgers, pizzas and pastas… Or maybe, let’s go Indian. How about tandoori chicken and paneer tikka, bhel puri amd aaloo chaat… Appetizing much?

Okay, now forget all that. Because the list I have for you is nothing close to appetizing. In fact, it will repel you. Ranging from sickening to absolutely unacceptable, these dishes will not only make you want to skip dinner but probably even gag or puke so I strongly advise you to read this in/near a toilet. 

People keep saying one should step out of their comfort zone and try new things but this is just crossing the line. In fact, this list can only be considered when our world is in a food crisis or something. 

So behold, the world’s most outrageous, unique and bizarre dishes:   

1. Hakarl – Fermented shark carcass (Iceland)

Carcass for food. Are you kidding me?

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2. Fried brain sandwich (USA)

Liver and kidney is still okay. But brain? Are you serious? If you have half a brain, you wouldn’t want to try this. 

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3. Rocky Mountain Oysters (Canada)

Imagine if you accidentally ordered this and in front of you appeared a plate full of male animal parts! I would definitely puke there and then.

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4. Dried lizards (China)

I can’t stand lizards on my wall. I cannot even imagine them on my plate. Yuck!


5. Insect chocolate (Poland)

Chocolate should be just chocolate. I refuse to eat chocolate with fruits or nuts in it, let alone insects! 

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6. Tuna Eyeball Japan

Just look at that! Would anyone in their right minds even want to taste that? 

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7. Fried grasshoppers (Thailand)

Did you know these green little creatures are actually a popular dish in China and Thailand? I really don’t understand how.

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Seriously, what is up with Chinese people and their weird food experiments.


9. Fried rats (China)

Okay, I’ve made up my mind. Never, ever going to China!


10. Sannakji – Raw octopus (Korea)

Truth be told, I’ve heard octopus is quite tasty. But raw!? They’re sticky, slimy and feels like rubber. Why would you want to eat that? 

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11. Bird nest’s soup (China)

In case you’re wondering what’s wrong with this dish, let me tell you that it’s not the flesh that goes into the soup. It’s hardened bird saliva. Yeah, go figure!

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12. Fried spider (Cambodia)

You’re telling me that someone actually pays money to eat spiders? I am frigging terrified of spiders and I’m sure so are you!

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13. Khash- Boiled sheep feet (Iran)

First of all, that looks like vomit and second, why would you eat the feet?!

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14. Balut – Boiled duck embryo (Philippines)

If there’s one thing I can tell you about this image, it is that it is NOT APPETIZING.

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I saved the best for last. Would you eat this for a 100 Dollars? Yeah, me neither.

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