When it comes to insurance policies, most of us have heard the usual ones – life, health, auto, accident, travel, etc. But surely, in an industry this huge, there must be a few off-beat ones that have been taken out, right? Absolutely. Here are some of the best examples insurance policies reaching a whole new level of weird.

1. Ben Turpin’s Crossed Eyes – Worth $25,000

Silent movie era actor and comedian, Ben Turpin, believed that the secret to his success were his crossed eyes. He was paranoid about losing his livelihood in case they got ‘uncrossed’. So, he bought a policy worth $25,000 in case his eyes stopped being ‘crossed’.

Source: NYDailyNews

2. Supermodel Heidi Klum’s Legs – Worth $2.2 million

When Heidi Klum was under contract with Braun, the brand had her legs insured for $2.2 million. $1.2 million for the right leg and $1 million for the left. Why the difference? Because she has a tiny scar on the left one.

Source: Wallpapers-photos

3. Damaged Wedding Gown Protection – Worth $25,000

No one ever wants to piss off a bridezilla. Especially when it comes to really expensive wedding gowns. But pets who like to chew on things might not be aware of the consequences. Which is why there is a damaged wedding gown insurance. You can insure a $25,000 gown for as low as $150.

Source: Forbes

4. No-show Wedding Photographer Insurance – Around $20,000

Another variable that can ruin a wedding is a no-show wedding photographer. If you were not able to preserve the memories of your big day because the camera person didn’t show up, you can monetize your grief. A $20,000 policy costs somewhere around $145.


5. Change-of-heart at a Wedding Protection

Move over pets and photographers – nothing ruins a wedding like a partner backing out. No matter what the reason, the financial dent a no-show/runaway partner causes cannot be ignored. Yes, there is a change-of-heart insurance. It’s more of an add-on protection to wedding insurances against disasters or accidents, and only costs paid by a third party, like parents, are covered.

Source: Forbes

6. Virgin Birth Protection – Worth £1 million

In 1999, a woman named Mary Murphy (what were the odds?!) bought a policy against the second coming of the Messiah, through her, which would have had a payout of a million pounds. Before we get all judgmental, let us consider how expensive it would be to raise the Son of God.

Source: GalleryHip

7. Thailand Tourism’s Riot Insurance – Worth $10,000

The things people do to attract tourists no matter what’s going on in the country, eh? Thailand has mastered it by offering very specific riot insurance. Nobody wants to hang up the surfboard and then get smashed by a violent mob, you see.

Source: Richard Barrow | Thai Travel Blogs

8. Dolly Parton’s Breasts – Worth $600,000

A country singer never knows when people will stop buying her records. Dolly Parton had a back up plan. She insured her other assets (we’re putting her voice at the top spot here), namely her breasts. Each one is insured for $300,000. Did she not listen to Radiohead’s “Fake Plastic Trees”, where Thom Yorke croons “…but gravity always wins”?

Source: Zimbio

9. Keith Richards and Jeff Beck and their fingers – Worth £1.6 million and £7 million respectively

Rolling Stones guitarist Keith Richards has shown the bird to many people in his lifetime. But that’s not the only reason why he cherishes his middle finger. With the blues influenced rock style of the Stones, he knows his guitar playing depends on it. He has it insured for £1.6 million. But that’s not all – guitar legend, Jeff Beck, after accidentally chopping off part of his index finger, insured each finger on his hand for £700,000.

Source: RollingStone

10. Rod Stewart’s Sexy Voice – Worth $6 million

Speaking of rock stars, Rod Stewart, whose fans claim he can croon your pants off with his come-hither voice, has his voice insured for $6 million.

Source: RockPaperPhoto

11. Alien Abduction/Impregnation Protection

If you’re worried your near and dear humans can possibly be abducted/experimented on/be impregnated by aliens, you also have the option of buying a policy against that. Lloyd’s, the world’s largest specialty insurer, has apparently sold more than 40,000 alien abduction policies. Famous policy owners include actress Shirley McLean and two members of the famous Heaven’s Gate cult.

Source: DarkRoastedBlend

12. Jennifer Lopez’s Buttocks – Worth $27 million

Jennifer Lopez’s music and movie career might not last too long. I mean, the only time we actually see her is during award shows. It’s only natural for the diva to insure her derriere, which she actually did for a whopping $27 million. Jenny from the block? Yeah, right.

Source: PixShark

13. David Lee Roth’s Semen – Worth £656,000

Van Halen frontman David Lee Roth had his sperm insured for £656,000. The policy was thought to protect against a potential paternity suit should he inadvertently impregnate a groupie. Ah, the age of hair metal.

Source: Pistepseto

14. Tom Jones’ Chest Hair – Worth $7 million

A singer insuring his/her voice might make sense. But chest hair? Apparently, Tom Jones believes his chest fuzz is a huge part of his public image. So he insured against losing it. For $7 million! Anil Kapoor, take some notes from this guy.

Source: CreativeMagazine

15. England’s Early Exit Trauma Protection – Worth £1 million

This last one is my favorite on this list. So in 2002, Englishman Paul Hucker, insured himself against his personal trauma for £1 million, if England crashed out of the Football World Cup in the early stages. He did the same in 2006. Talk about first world problems, eh? Turns out this was a publicity stunt by the man who was trying to make it big in the PR business. But still, he gets full points for imagination.

Source: SupportingYourPassion

So, the lesson here is, if you’re worried about something, instead of losing your cool, keep calm and buy an insurance policy against it.