Presumably in a bid to out-japan Japan, Brazil is going to gift the world its first sex themed amusement park- Erotika Land!


Remember when amusement parks were for kids?

This park located close to Piracicaba city will categorically destroy every shred of innocence you associated to theme parks with attractions like…

  • A 7D cinema hall with, you know it, vibrating seats for a ‘complete’ cinematic experience.
  • A Ferris Wheel with seating booths which utilize one way glass so you can enjoy the view while you do whatever nasty things you young’uns do these days.
  • A Train of Pleasures which is meant to be an erotic ghost train with go-go boys and girls instead of zombies and ghosts.
  • A hotel where you can stay overnight for… well, you know.
  • A Nudist Pool because why not. In for a penny, in for a pound.
  • An Erotic Museum in case all the nudity isn’t enough for you, possibly a Brent Ray Fraser exhibition.
  • And last but not least erotic games in the fashion of Playland.


Businessman Paulo Meirelle with his business partners Soft Love and Erotika Fair are the brains behind this project, claiming that it will be open for operation in 2017.


Damn, that’s fast. Talk about getting ahead.