Ad creatives are a tough job. Convincing people to take money out of their pocket and pay for a product – they may or may not need, tough sell. The only way to do it is impress the audience beyond measure, which makes them curious about the product and which in turn results in sales.

Here are a few 2-page magazine ads which are so smart, that you will have to look at them twice to understand them completely. If you’re not entertained by the end of it – 100% money back guaranteed.

1. DHL Courier Service

2. IKEA: Sliding Doors

3. Wonderbra

4. Adidas

5. Clinique lashes

6. Tide: Will put the stain in its right place

7. Epildou: Depilatory Strips

8. Arcor: Bubble Gum

9. Conto Barriers – Lift

10. Macbook Pro: Ultra thin

11. Styx Underwear

12. Sunsilk Conditioner: Half the job

13. Greenpeace

14. Hawaiian Tropic Sunscreen

15. National Association for the Blind: Promoting Donation of Eyes

16. NHA Xinh Furniture

17. McDonald’s: Extra large coffee

18. Garmastan lotion: Because breast-feeding hurts

19. Landrover’s XV Rugby

20. People Opposing Women’s Abuse (POWA)