Creativity is probably the most amazing thing about the human mind. Not everyone has an inclination towards it, but for those who do they know there are no boundaries. It is the outflow of creativity that can leave people in awe and amazement, especially when it comes to advertising. If you are creative enough, your ad will get the message across better than others.

Here's a look at 44 ads that are so brilliantly placed in places with regular footfall that they are bound have an amazing impact on passer-bys:

1. A fitness company invites one and all to a healthier lifestyle.

Source: theartelephant

2. DHL's online tracking is just a click away.

Source: creativeguerrillamarketing

3. BBC believes in proper journalism.

Source: flickr

4. Gardening done right.

Source: pinterest

5. You definitely will not miss this one.

Source: designrshub

6. For those who get really lucky!

Source: blogspot

7. A reminder for all kids.

Source: adscreative.wordpress

8. The best teaser a movie can have.

Source: 4rtgallery.blogspot

9. Promoting vegetarianism.

Source: adsoftheworld

10. This just drips of awesomeness.

Source: lainformacion

11. You can lift yourself up and work out.

Source: stefkecoolgirl.skynetblogs

12. Every kid in the world counts.

Source: pinterest

13. The Axe effect.


14. If you're happy and you know it, and you really wanna show it, you'll need teeth.

Source: tumblr

15. Every dog wants to ditch that itch.

Source: theitkethicongposm

16. The two shades of comfort.


17. Because Karma is a b**ch.

Source: demilked

18. All pastas don't suck.

Source: webmaster21.blogspot

19. Because the world is running out of paper.

Source: facoltaspes

20. While you 'weight'.


21. For the times you need to 'take a break'.

Source: boldspot

22. The power of the most popular sport.

Source: slideplayer

23. Your life may be hanging in the balance.

Source: giornalettismo

24. You may work out, but can you move buildings?


25. Being stuck in the wrong job can really put a bad spin on life.

Source: thedesigninspiration

26. Our world is immersed in everything but the problem.

Source: pinterest

27. Because the market is never stable.

Source: youandmemarketing

28. McCrossing.

Source: youtube

29. You can literally feel the heat.


30. Safety first.

Source: leafaitsapub

31. Some beers want to be the 'hang-out' drink.


32. Every gamer can relate to the legendary 'Ms. Pac-man'

Source: fabiomilito

33. Open wide. And no, it is only for food.

Source: designermag

34. Duracell showing its power.

Source: edsanta.wordpress

35. When we kill nature, it shoots us back.


36. Because sometimes your hygiene habits effect others.

Source: sparksheet

37. Nike encouraging people to keep running.

Source: nikeblog

38. If it can 'hold up' its reputation in public, it's worth it.

Source: wordlesstech

39. Showing why kids should drink Anando Milk.

Source: wordlesstech

40. You probably don't want to follow this advice or your family will give these guys a call.

Source: twitter

41. When coffee meets sewage, it is bound to turn heads.

Source: prikol

42. Kill Bill's eerie advertisement.

Source: adsoftheworld

43. The Sopranos TV show gives the world a feel of how they roll on the reel.

Source: loverajkishork

44. Toronto plastic surgery promises good results.


Advertising is not an easy art. But if you paint your imagination on the canvas that is the world, brilliance is not far behind. Hats off to the geniuses who came up with these ideas.