Continuing from where the post credits scene from Ant Man left off, with Captain America approaching his best friend Bucky, the latest trailer for Captain America: Civil War is pure, no frills action.

We won’t spoil the plot for non-readers of the Marvel’s Civil War arc, but a quick glance of the trailer reveals the rivalry that forms the basic premise of the film – Captain America finally stops being the goody-two-shoes Avenger that he is and stands up for his bud, Bucky (Winter Soldier), and the powers that be will have none of it. This drives a rift between the Avengers and a bunch of other Marvel characters, with none other than Tony Stark (Iron Man) taking the fight to the Captain.

Stark fans, let us warn you, the trailer shows your hero getting his ass kicked by Captain America and Winter Soldier.

Check it out.

Captain America: Civil War releases on May 6, 2016.

Featured Image: Ancora Design