The cowardly attack at the Charlie Hebdo office in Paris had a ripple effect the killers never anticipated. It revealed how united artists all over the world are. Here are some of the best drawings that were seen on social media as soon as news of the attack spread.

1. Sadly, pun intended.

Source: David Pope

2. That’s one army the terrorists cannot disarm

Source: Il Giornalaio

3. Brings back memories

Source: Ruben L. Oppenheimer

4. You’re offended? So what?

Source: Dave Brown | The Independent

5. Retaliation

Source: James Walmesley

6. We stand with free speech

Source: Ann Telnaes

7. We’ve got the more powerful weapon

Source: MacLeodCartoons

8. And we’ll celebrate our heroes

Source: Nono

9. Sad day for all cartoonists and satirists

Source: Magnus Shaw

10. What they really killed

Source: Carlos Latuff

11. Confused ideology or convenient hypocrisy

Source: Dwane Powell

12. True words

Source: Pat Chappatte

13. Ducks (often implying newspapers in France) will always fly higher than guns

Source: Boulet

14. The scales are tipped towards us

Source: Dabsandjabs

15. Faith so weak that even a brush is a threat

Source: Satish Acharya

16. Quick! Hide before the pencil spots us

Source: Jeff Danziger

17. Don’t they know we’re indestructible

Lucille Clerc

18. Death can’t put a stop to this

Source: Joep Bertrams

19. “But I don’t want to be avenged!”

Source: David Fitzsimmons

20. Excuse for intolerance

Source: Rafael Mantesso

21. “Oh no… Not them…”

Source: Tommy Dessine

22. You can’t kill art

Source: JM Nieto

23. Because the ink will never run dry

Source: OrgulloySatisfaccio

24. One that poked fun at both terrorists and editors

Source: Nate Beeler

25. “Never!”

Source: KorneelJeuken

26. Didn’t see this coming, did you?


27. This is how you waste a bullet

Source: MaximeHaes

28. “I am Charlie”

Source: Jean Jullien

29. “The world has become so serious that humor is a risky profession”

Source: Bernardo Erlich

30. Bringing guns to a pencil fight

Source: Mala Imagen

31. “Grab your weapons, mates!”

Source: Francisco J. Olea

32. This explains the masks

Source: The Telegraph

33. This goes out to everyone who tries to silence the artists

Source: Anish Daolagupu

If this is war, we can win it with art.