In Tamil Nadu, when an aged person passes away, their death is celebrated with drums, singing and parading the dead around the village. It’s a tradition where their long life is remembered. 

If you think that is weird, we wonder what you think of China’s latest bizarre trend of having strippers for a funeral. 

National Geographic

Oh yes, you read that right. 

Scantily-clad women, gyrating on a dance pole, in a funeral procession, showing off their flexibility has become commonplace in Taiwan. 


From pole dancing skills to giving lap dances to tombs, these ladies do everything. While some of them don’t hold back on nudity, but it all really depends on how much one is ready to shell out.


This weird tradition stems from China’s latest obsession with ostentatious funeral processions and it is slowly becoming a fad. 

With marching bands, a cavalcade of jeeps and dance performances galore, the living are spending a bomb to send their loved ones into the afterlife.


Marc L Moskowitz who made the documentary, Dancing For The Dead: Funeral Strippers In Taiwan, says the trend began with the gangsters and the who’s who of the town. But now, it has become quite a common practice with anyone who can afford it. 


However, celebrating the dead seems to be rooted in the Chinese tradition and it is believed that the grander the procession, the greater the honour for the dead. 


The strippers are an improvisation, as it ensures that a good number of people attend the funeral. If not for the dead, then at least to see them. Because the higher number of attendees, the more fortune for the dead person. 

Lao Ren Cha

Well, this weird new tradition does take dying to a whole new level!