From reverse praying to underboob pen challenge, we have seen many bizarre body fads from time to time. Read on to fume at the nasty standards that women set for themselves, the clowns that make them legitimate trends, and hate the world a teeny bit more.

In China, the A4 waist challenge is going viral, especially with women, and social media is flooded with the results.


The A4 challenge encourages women to use an A4 sheet of paper as a standard to measure their waist.

So, how wide is a sheet of A4 paper? Just 21 centimetres.

Women, who are a part of this trend, have claimed that an A4 waist size is a healthy and attainable aim.

However, critics have slammed this bizarre trend, they have said it is unrealistic and unhealthy for women to consider this a ‘fitness’ goal.

Also, most boys have shunned this waist challenge. They say it’s impossible for them to have such a small waist.

And some are even making fun of it. 

Flaunting stomachs narrower than a sheet of paper!? Man, makes me wonder that may be Barbie seemed more realistic.