What’s the best way to get out of your arranged marriage?

a) Don’t show upb) Feign amnesiac) Climb a tree and stay there until everyone leavesd) Kill yourself

If you chose a, b or c, you’re still not the biggest idiot around because there’s actually someone who went with the fourth option. And it’s not because he had a problem with the concept of an arranged marriage. It’s because he thought the bride-to-be was too ‘ugly’ for his image.

I think he’s talking about this image, right here.


Our man of the moment, the 33-year-old groom, from Shiyan in China’s Hubei province, apologized to the 30-year-old bride to be, after he met her for the first time, telling her that she was ‘too ugly for his image’. Soon after, he tried taking his own life by drowning himself.

Thankfully, the wedding guests called the police, who were then able to rescue him.


Two things baffle me. First, why would you say yes to an arranged marriage without knowing what your soon-to-be partner looks like? And second, how does trying to kill yourself help your so-called image?

h/t EliteDaily .