There’s something about seeing two of the biggest icons in the comic-book universe lock horns. In Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice and Captain America: Civil War, audiences were treated to some great action and an intense plotline revolving around the conflict between our favourite superheroes. With the battle between the First Avenger and the ‘Cool exec with a heart of steel’ over now, most fans have moved on to the prospects of the upcoming Infinity Wars.

But the second Civil War is already upon us in the comics with Tony Stark and Captain Marvel leading their own sides.

The first Civil War had received amazing reviews from critics and fans alike. With Civil War II, Marvel face a huge task of living up to the hype of the original and also adding new layers to the whole conflict between the superheroes scenario.


Basically, there’s a new Inhuman – Ulysses – who has turned up in the comics. He can apparently see the future and his visions are the focal point of the conflict between the two major superheroes.

Ulysses, an Ohio State University student, is exposed to the Terrigen Mist which turns him into an Inhuman. When he emerges, Ulysses has a vision of a dystopian future. Ulysses’s visions become a matter of debate as the Avengers are able to beat a Celestial invader later on. 

Iron Man wants to keep the future intact and doesn’t want to prevent elements that might lead to the future. He wants no pre-emptive actions to be taken about Ulysses’ visions. Captain Marvel, on the other hand, wants a Minority Report-esque future where she’ll keep a check on the elements that might change the future.

Ulysses’ visions haven’t been accurate so far with his first vision of a dystopian future easily changed by the Avengers’ efforts. Later on, Ulysses has a vision of Thanos invading Earth and when the Avengers go to battle him, two superheroes have to pay the ultimate price – War Machine and She-Hulk. 

When Tony learns that they used Ulysses’ precognitive power to ambush Thanos, he vows to make sure that nobody uses it again. As She-Hulk dies, she tells Captain Marvel to fight for the future.

With distinctly different ideologies of Tony Stark and Captain Marvel at play, it shouldn’t be much of a surprise that they start a war among themselves to fight for their own interpretations of a better future.


Iron Man is against any sort of action based on Ulysses’ visions. He doesn’t want the criminals to get punished even when they haven’t done anything. Captain Marvel wants to take action so as to change the future.

So, which side are you on? Team Iron Man or Team Captain Marvel?