Ever since photographer/couple Adam and Shawn-Marie Ravazzano moved to the Hawaiian island of Maui, they’ve wanted to shoot underwater wedding and engagement photos. Their wish was fulfilled when close friends Leiha’aheo Kamahele-Beeck and Maika Dias of Oahu, who are engaged in real life, offered to be their subjects.

Kamahele-Beeck and Dias are not just an engaged couple but also seasoned divers. In fact, they met each other through a freak and embarrassing snorkeling mishap in 2013.

“I felt something press into and bounce off my butt,” Kamahele-Beeck told The Huffington Post of that first meeting. “When I turned and surfaced, a very apologetic and embarrassed boy pulled the snorkel out of his mouth to exclaim that it was a complete accident and that he was sorry. It was his face that hit my butt!”

Here are the amazing photos from the underwater photo-shoot.

All photos credited to Love and Water Photography .

h/t Huffington Post .