History is not everyone’s cup of tea. Not all of us care about history so much or can claim to be history aficionados, but you have to admit that some historic facts are downright crazy! In fact, some of the weirdest events in history are often shrouded in mystery and obscurity.

Here’s a round up of 20 weird events in history that I’m sure they never taught you in school:

1. The world’s shortest war lasted for less than an hour!

The Anglo-Zanzibar War of 1896 lasted for only 38 minutes.


2. General Hooker brought “hookers” for his men

A major general for the Union Army in the American Civil War, Hooker was notable for bringing along prostitutes for his soldiers to keep them sexually satisfied. His last name is now synonymous with the oldest profession in the world (wink!).

Stars and Stripes

3. Kim Jong-il is a musician too

The infamous dictator is known for having composed six operas.


4. Knocker-ups served as alarms, back in the day

Before alarm clocks came into existence, people were hired to shoot peas at windows to wake others up.


5. Foot binding was a sign of femininity!

This weird tradition, aimed at limiting the growth of women’s feet, started in China.

Business Insider

6. The largest living organism is a giant mushroom

A mushroom is Oregon, roughly 2400 years old has a root system that covers over 300 sq. miles of land! What’s surprising is that it is still growing!


7. There is an underwater pyramid

Scientists have found an underwater pyramid between Terceira and Sao Miguel in the Azores of Portugal. Is this the missing link to unravelling the mystery of Atlantis?


8. Stalin gave birth to Photoshop!

Stalin had his pictures airbrushed!

Business Insider

9. Heroin used to be medicine

Heroin was once used in place of morphine to eliminate pain during surgeries.

Huffington Post

10. Mozart wrote kinky music!

One of his famous pieces, titled “Leck Mich Im Arsch” literally translates to “Lick me in the arse.”

Classic FM

11. Franklin Roosevelt wore dresses till he was 6-7

…talk about beating gender norms!

Waldo Lydecker’s Journal

12. Sideburns were named after Mr Burnsides!

This American General who was later hailed as a trend-setter!

The Rambler News

13. The vibrator was initially created to cure hysteria in women!

It also became the largest selling household product.


14. Russians trained dogs to attack German tanks

These anti-tank dogs were trained to run under German tanks, with bombs strapped to their backs. But in a twist of fate, they ended up killing their own Russian masters.

Daily Mail

15. The Russian concept of “friendly-fire”

The Russians had “barrier troops” behind the army forces to shoot those who were trying to desert them from the front line!