Imagine yourself in a dark deserted road with no one in sight. What inevitably runs in your head is a montage of unspeakable images, probably the worst things that could happen to you. These pictures seem straight out of such a nightmare.

You could also argue that some of them are photoshopped. But photoshop or not, these are downright creepy. Good luck sleeping with these images running through your mind. * shudders *

Crime scene of the Hinterkaifeck murders in Germany where a family of six were slaughtered with something like a pickaxe.

Believed to be photo of a shell shocked soldier during World War II.

An American soldier being air-lifted out of a Vietnamese jungle, supposedly.

Picture of what has been called a doll, captured by a Google street car.

Self-evident enough. A lonely chair. At the bottom of an ocean.

Captured in the Amityville horror house by Gene Campbell who was investigating the strange occurrences. The entity is believed to be the ghost of a boy who died in the house several years ago.

Remains of an abandoned mental asylum in California.

Back when Halloween costumes were meant to scare the hell out of people.

Blanche Monnier who was held captive and starved. For 24 years. By her family.

Photograph of a suicide, accidentally captured by an amateur photographer.

An abandoned theme park in Japan. (I can come up with a million reasons why it is abandoned)

Claw marks of Jewish prisoners on the wall of a gas chamber in Auschwitz.

Last picture of Regina Walters, captured by her kidnapper before killing her.

Okay. Done. For. The. Year.