Ghosts. Manifestations. Monsters. Mythical creatures. 

There is an age-old battle that never rests, one where many wonder whether they exist or not and the other side swearing that they have witnessed the supernatural. 

Whatever be the case, the stories do give many sleepless nights. Like the ones below. 

1. In 1976, while investigating a murder crime scene, the officers did not see anything suspicious. When the photos were developed, one of the pictures showed this.

2. In 1959, a woman was visiting her mother’s grave with her husband, and snapped a photo of him sitting in the car. Later, when they developed the picture, this is what they saw. The woman claimed that the mysterious figure was her dead mother.

3. This photo shows a group of World War I soldiers taking a picture together. One man that appears in the photo, named Freddy Jackson, does not belong there. Freddy’s funeral took place the very morning this photo was taken.

4. This 1975 picture is from a couple in the United Kingdom in a church. When Peter decided to take a picture of his wife, there was a figure sitting behind her in the picture. When they asked the church, they said it was the White lady who is the ghost of a healer that haunts the church.

5. After looking through the pictures, this group of hikers noticed a strange, dark shadow hovering in the background. The hikers claim there was no one else around that day.

6. This photo of a man standing on the edge of the Grand Canyon is from the 1970’s. Behind him lurks an eerie figure, staring directly at the camera. The man and his friends claim that they had been in that spot for over 15 minutes, and had never noticed the man there.

7. In this photo, a man holding a knife-like object was caught in the picture. The family that was staying at the cabin says that, at the time the picture was taken, only 2 people were in the cabin. 

8. In 1963, a reverend took a picture of an altar at a church in North Yorkshire, England. Upon developing the picture, he noticed a strange, demonic figure lurking on the altar. The reverend was sure that the figure was a Franciscan monk with a demonic face.

9. In this family photo, a figure can be seen hanging upside down from the roof. Some people have claimed that the person hanging from the ceiling is a spirit of the previous owner of the house.

10. A fire broke out in a house, and a photographer clicked it. When developed, the picture showed a girl peering at him from the mouth of the flames. What makes the picture creepier is that the girl does not look panicked or affected by the flames around her.

11. According to the woman in this photograph’s family, the picture was taken sometime in the 1990s. The picture shows the woman, with a man looming behind. However, the family claims that there was no one else around at the time that they snapped the picture. The woman claims that this mysterious man standing behind her was her deceased husband, who had passed away 13 years earlier.

12. Our Lady of Zeitoun has been seen on countless occasions over a two year period in 1968 at the Church of St. Mary. The glowing Virgin Mary was originally mistaken as a woman about to commit suicide but later investigations revealed nothing.

13. In 1985, a man found a mummified finger that measured a ridiculous 15 inches long. This would mean that the owner of this finger would have to be over 12 feet tall.

14. In 1951, the body of Mary Reeser was found and her whole body was engulfed in flames. The flames were so hot that her skull had shrunk and only her left foot was intact. Creepily enough, everything else in the room was unscathed. Spontaneous human combustion?

15. In 2000, a woman mailed photographs of an ape to her county sheriff’s office saying that the ape had taken apples from her porch. However, the photo didn’t resemble any recognizable species of ape.

Spooked out yet? Best of luck sleeping tonight. 

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