Danger lurks behind seemingly ordinary things. Several people have unknowingly been affected by objects that were innocent to look at but were the vessels of some evil soul. People’s lives are destroyed if they come in possession of these cursed objects and it has proven to be fatal more than once. Here are some cursed objects which are known all over the world for their notoriety :

1. The crying boy painting – Owning one means setting your own house on fire

A Spanish artist painted an orphan’s portrait after which his studio burnt to the ground but the painting survived. It was found that the orphan died in an accident. Whoever bought the painting saw their house burned down. In all the cases the portrait was found in the wreckage, unscathed. Paranormal investigators believe that the boy’s soul haunts the painting.

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2. The Hope Diamond – Cursed to bring death to its owner

A deep blue diamond which adorned a statue of Sita was allegedly stolen by Tavernier while travelling through India. He was supposedly lynched by dogs in Russia and bled to death. Later owners too found a gruesome death waiting for them including King Louis of France who was guillotined. The alluring jewel is now housed in the Smithsonian museum in Washington DC.

Source: the alchemist diary

3. The Basano vase – If you own this vase, you will surely die

To own this beautiful, fifteenth century silver vase, you need to pay with your life. An Italian maiden was murdered on the eve of her wedding and found clutching the vase. As the last dregs of life left her body, she shouted for revenge. And true to her promise, every owner of the vase died a gruesome and painful death after which priests buried it. On a fateful day in the year 1988 the vase was excavated once more and claimed several lives after which some priests buried it again. Hope it is never found again.

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4. James Dean’s Little Bastard – Your first ride in this car could be your last

Alec Guinness reportedly warned James Dean and said “If you get into this car you will be found dead in it by this time next week” because his Porsche Spyder 550 had a “sinister” appearance. But James Dean did not pay heed. He WAS found dead. But the car did not stop there. It claimed several lives wherever it went. Eventually it was disbanded and people who chose to own the engine or different parts met a similar fate as of the owners of the car.

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5. The Dybbuk box – The box contains evil spirits hungry for blood

A Jewish lady who lost all her family members to a concentration camp during the World war, escaped to Spain and brought a wine cabinet with her when she migrated to America. Her granddaughter sold it at an auction with the warning that it was never supposed to be opened. The buyer did not pay heed and invited the wrath of the evil spirits who wrecked his life and the lives’ of its successive owners.

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6. Thomas Busby’s chair – Sitting in this chair will definitely kill you

A murder convict, Thomas Busby cursed his favorite chair at the local pub where he drank ale and the chair does his bidding even 400 years later. The chair is supposed to bring death to whoever dares to sit in it. Most of its victims reportedly experience paranoia, itchiness and find death warning scribbled on mirrors before they die. Though no one believed this initially, several deaths proved that it was not merely a coincidence. Watch where you sit!

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7. The anguished man painting – The artist lives on in his work and avenges himself upon all the owners

Sean Robinson ‘s grandmother had told him that the painter mixed his own blood while making this curious painting which she kept hidden in the cellar. Once Robinson brought it to his house, strange things started happening. A black figure was spotted by him and his wife who often kept standing at the foot of their bed and staring at them. They gave up the painting to paranormal investigators to save their lives. The painting allegedly leaves behind notes like “everyone has abandoned me” and tears can be spotted rolling down the man’s cheeks.

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8. Chinese terracotta army – You don’t want to wake them up from their deep sleep and invite trouble

Wang Puzhi and other farmers who discovered this two thousand year old army died an ignominious death. In spite of their contribution to the tourism industry and the fact that they unearthed a heritage site, their land was taken away by the government. Instead of being rewarded they were punished and it is believed that is because they disturbed the army.

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9. Delhi purple sapphire – Owning this alluring jewel means inviting misfortune

Stolen by an English soldier from Indra’s temple in Kanpur during the Mutiny of 1857, the gemstone has brought misfortune in the lives of all its owners. The soldier who took away the jewel to the UK suffered from several ailments before giving it up to a family friend who suffered the same fate. Edward Heron came in possession of the jewel and was ridden with misfortunes. He ordered that it be locked in a vault forever after he found that he couldn’t get rid of it, no matter how hard he tried.

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10. Anne Baker’s haunted wedding dress – The dress that dances on its own

Anne Baker bought this wedding dress which she hoped to wear for the man of her dreams. But her father disapproved of her love owing to the low social standing that her lover enjoyed. He forbade her from marrying him and she chose to remain single her entire life. All her anguish and disappointment is trapped in the dress. The Baker mansion museum houses the dress in a glass case and visitors have often spotted it swaying. People believe Anne’s soul still waits to wear the dress.

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11. The Women From Lemb – The Goddess of Death which brings death to its owner

Owning this 3500 BC statue can prove to be fatal as its first owner Lord Elphont and other successive owners found out. The pure limestone statue was excavated in Lemb, cyprus in the nineteenth century and is believed to be a fertility statue. It earned its name ‘Goddess of Death’ after all its owners and their families started dying mysteriously. It was eventually donated to the Royal Scottish Museum by the Biverbrook brothers who lost their family to the statue’s curse.

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12. The Myrtles Plantation Mirror – Haunted mirror from where evil peeps

Mirrors are supposed to be the path leading to the Other world. The mirror at the Myrtles plantation which is supposed to be the most haunted place in America has something really weird about it. People have spotted dark entities peeping from there.

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13. Black Orlov, Eye of Brahma – Owning which is the last mistake you will make

A black diamond stolen from Brahma’s idol in Pondicherry, it earned the name Black Orlov because of its owner, a Russian Princess Nadia Orlov . She escaped Russia with the jewel and sold it. All owners who came to possess the 195 carat diamond met an untimely death. Eventually the diamond was divided into three parts to rid it of its curse.

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14. Napolean’s chair of death – Sitting on this cursed chair means you will have a gruesome end

Baleroy mansion houses a cursed chair in its red room. Whoever sits in this two hundred year old chair, invites death. Made by an evil warlock in the nineteenth century, the chair is supposedly haunted by Amanda, a red mist which kills anyone who dares to sit in the chair. It was once owned by Napolean.

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You never know what evil is contained in the objects strewn about your house. Be careful and keep your eyes open. Goodnight!