Where are all my acrophobic (fancy word for, “I shit myself each time I lean over my balcony.”) peeps at? Something about the beauty of these people staring death in the face is frightening and somehow, motivational at the same time. If you ever had someone say you that you should do something scary everyday, don’t take any ideas from this list here.

Here are 25 photographs of people taking it just a little too far:

1. The Huashan plank’s not for everyone. Yet everyone has to do it to cross.

2. Reasons why true love dies… Sometimes!

3. Alex Honnold’s been absorbing the best views in the world.

4. Some jobs really are hard.

5. Then there are people who do when they want to hang out.

6. High on breakfast.

7. If you’ve ever rolled off a bed… Well.

8. I’m not too sure what the plan is. And, I don’t want to know.

9. Those days when toppling over on a bike used to be common. Not any more.

10. Just checking.

11. I’m trying to figure out who clicked the picture.

12. Like a boss.

13. The man’s asking for it.

14. Really. Love stories have really short life spans.

15. Bad day for rain.

16. Where’s your harness, man?

17. I hope he knows there’s a stairwell too. 

18. Deadly work out.

19. Point of no return.

20. How do these people get down?

21. Because, no cell phone reception.

22. Why? Just, why?

23. Curiosity killed what now? 

24. People and their dreams.

25. Alex Honnold’s back to make you cringe.


Things to not do. Let’s say.

Masthead Source: lonelyspider.net

Feature Image Source: uk.news.yahoo.com